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Published on 06/18/2008 at Wed Jun 18 10:53.
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  • Aerobroncos

    “Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker Patriots: Just putting them here so all the Patriots fans don’t freak out. What? No Patriots on your list? Waaaaaagggh! East Coast bias! Wait, we’re on the East Coast. Anti-Belichick bias! Off with his head! Arghhh! Wait, what’s his cheating have to do with fantasy? Huh. You suck anyways! Yeah, that’s it! You suck! Us against the world! Waaaaa! Wait, what were we angry about again? Oh yeah, 18-1. Waaaa!” hahaha this guy is funny

  • Aerobroncos

    this is what he hates about the chargers….i really like this guy lol

    The Chargers: Other than Tomlinson, of course. But Philip Rivers is inconsistent (only seven games in which he had more than one touchdown pass), Chris Chambers cannot be trusted (with catching the ball, with your fantasy glory or with the last cupcake) and Antonio Gates was not only slow toward the end of last season, there are a lot of good tight ends, so you don’t need to take a guy like Gates early.

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    ESPN’s Fantasy Football guru Matthew Berry loves Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler this year. He’s not really feeling Jay Cutler, Michael Pittman, or Darrell Jackson, though. [ESPN]