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Published on 06/17/2008 at Tue Jun 17 15:32.
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A few images of what Javon Walker was up to this past weekend.  Another interesting note I did not realize was this piece of history.  Sad circumstances indeed:

Walker asked Broncos coach Mike Shanahan for permission not to attend Williams’ funeral in Texas, saying he was too distraught. Walker flew to Las Vegas the weekend of the funeral and was seen at Tryst. – Vegas Confidential

According to various sources, Javon Walker was on his second straight night of spraying Dom into a crowd at a night club (isn’t he supposed to be getting ready for the season?). As reported earlier, he had also done this at Tryst early Sunday morning, while Monday morning it was Body English. According to some reports, he was racking up $15,000 tabs on both nights.

What makes this all the more troubling is that it has been reported that Brandon Marshall and his cousin had sprayed the crowd at a night club the night that Darrent Williams was shot and died in Walker’s arms. This ’spraying’ of champagne is the suspected impetus of the drive by shooting.

When Darrent Williams was put to rest, Walker begged out of going to Texas for the funeral and instead was later seen at Tryst in Las Vegas. – MVN

The entire situation summed up via Deadspin.

  • Jon

    gosh! man javon u messed up! hey guys, check out my new Bronc Country!-DB Jon

  • flbronc

    what a pos.

  • rcsodak

    AND he showed up out of shape to raiduh camp! Guess $9M CAN make a person fat, lazy & stupid….unless he was already the latter.

  • Rick

    The contract is not guaranteed and has a conduct clause. Stupid, ignorant, immature guy who has no control. What is with WR’s anyway? Its his conduct that puts him in these situations.

  • Kyle

    I’m hoping he’ll be ready for the beginning of the season. Adds a level of intensity to the week one rivalry and smack talk that’s already going on.