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Published on 06/17/2008 at Tue Jun 17 18:19.
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Darrell Hackney

Darrell Hackney
Name: Darrell Hackney
Height, Weight: 6’0″, 248
Position: Quarterback
Age, Experience: 2, 24
College: Alabama-Birmingham

Darrell Hackney joined the Denver Broncos in 2007 and spent the first half of the season on the practice squad. After Jay Cutler‘s leg injury against the Detroit Lions in Week 9, Hackney was signed to the active roster and served as the team’s 3rd quarterback under the NFL’s rules. This policy allows Hackney to suit up in addition to the 45 active players at game time, and in the case of injuries to both the first and second string quarterback, Hackney can come in and play (while restricting the return of the other quarterbacks unless Hackney only plays in Q4). Anyone watching long snapper Mike Leach warm up for passes on the sideline during the Detroit game knows that Hackney’s presence as a backup option was a comforting proposition.

The Good: Hackney broke school records as a quarterback at Alabama-Birmingham in passing yards (9,886).  He finished with 71 touchdowns and 33 interceptions for his career.  Many scouting reports listed him among the strongest arms coming out for the draft in 2006.

The Bad: Hackney was arrested for a DUI in December of last year.  In three preseason games (remember, all among third stringers on offense and defense), Hackney completed 10 of 22 passes (44.5%) for 113 yards (5.1 average), 1 interception and 0 touchdowns.

Status: Practice Squadder.  Signed an undisclosed contract in 2007.  Hackney wasn’t activated in any NFL games, so he is still eligible for the practice squad.  Darrell Hackney was born on August 7, 1983 in Atlanta, GA.

As always, we invite you, the readers, to partake.  Do you like Hackney as the third string QB or do you want someone more reliable?

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  • Ian Henson

    He’s no Cutler or even Ramsey, but anyone that’s spent as much time learning our offense, I’d like to have going into the season. As Kyle said having #83 as a QB isn’t something we’d like to see at any point.

  • Jack

    One thing you didn’t mention is that he scored a 41 on his wonderlic. Now I don’t think the wonderlic accurately measures football intelligence, but scoring so high can’t be a bad thing, can it?

  • flbronc

    I’d rateher grab a young talent who might has potential to be more than a practice squad player at some point in his career, than keep him around forever. As Ian said- we dont want to see him playing. It would be nice to get someone solid to groom for a couple of years. When Ramsey leaves, Cutler will be a vet and wont need a ‘mentor’ as much. He can even play the role as the mentor to they younget qb…

  • Terrell Hackney

    Some people may overlook the playmaking ability that Darrell brings to the table. Passing for 9,886 yards and a total of 71 touchdowns and 694 completios is not something average quarterbacks do. Darrell is a talented QB who has more than enough potential to become an important part of Denvers offense in the future.

  • jchase8410

    I actually Would rather see Darrel play before Ramsey. Ramsey has a better chance of completing a pass to the other team than his own, and at least Hackney can move in the pocket to make some plays. I believe he should be the number 2 guy.