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Published on 06/13/2008 at Fri Jun 13 16:22.
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I just found this funny.  Not so much for the activity itself, but maybe that it was worthy of reporting on ESPN.

From the ESPN Hashmarks blog:

Posted by Bill Williamson

A bowling the Broncos go. Continuing a recent tradition, Denver coach Mike Shanahan is taking his team bowling today.

The morale-boosting event ends the club’s on-field work before training camp. Denver ended its OTAs Thursday. Shanahan previously planned a two-day camp in early July but it’s been canceled. The next time Denver hits the field will be July 25 for the first day of training camp. The team still has a few weeks remaining of the offseason conditioning program, though.

  • Kyle

    I wonder who the best bowler is. I’m thinking Lynch, being a family man and veteran, knows how to bust the pins a bit.

  • mikebirty

    I vaguely remember Fox writing about it last year. I’m not sure he named the best bowler but he did say that there’s a healthy offense / defense rivalry.

    My money’s on Champ being the best. Mainly just because he’s Champ.