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Published on 06/14/2008 at Sat Jun 14 10:00.
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Denver Broncos running back Selvin Young recently predicted a 2,000 yard rushing season for himself.  Days later, wide receiver Brandon Marshall just announced his intent to repeat last year’s 100-catch performance.

Since everyone’s in a prognosticating mood, I figured I’d join in the festivities and offer my June predictions.  It’s only June – I completely reserve the right to change these, and fully intend on doing just that as the regular season approaches and I give my “final” predictions.  Here we go…

The depth chart was challenged last year as injury after injury sent productive veterans to the bench, and the Broncos didn’t respond well.  The depth chart was backed up by late round players who had yet to see extensive game time – players like Chris Myers, Chris Kuper, and Hamza Abdullah.  All were inconsistent (not just these players), playing well and playing poorly at different times.

Now, we’ve added veteran players through free agency to back up some of the biggest positions of question.  Behind Tom Nalen we have Casey Wiegmann.  Behind Ben Hamilton we have Dylan Gandy.  Behind John Lynch we have Marlon McCree.

For this reason, I believe the Broncos have improved.  Veterans, with game experience, are now backing up our Broncos instead of players who were a little too green. Injuries are a part of football, and while the Broncos have gotten stronger just by seeing injured studs return to the field, the added depth will surely help the team survive the annual training room migration.

The Prediction: The 2008 Denver Broncos will go 10-6, finish 2nd in the AFC West, and enter the playoffs as the fifth seed.  They’ll win one playoff game, giving Jay Cutler valuable playoff experience and then prepare for a “real” run in 2009.

That’s where I’m at right now.  Dish it out in the comments.

  • kerry

    i predict the Denver Broncos will play at least 16 games this year. and 4 preseason games too. lol

  • Kyle

    bold! :)

  • Garret Barnes

    Hmmmm….I agree completely with this but my one problem with this is the fifth seed. Maybe the 6th seed. The AFC North division is so talented that they could have a wildcard team go 12-4. So I think that they will make the playoffs and Jay Cutler may or may not win a game. But I think we will barely make it.

  • TJ

    I think 10-6 is very realistic for this team. They could have easily won that many games in the 2007 season had thier red zone offense not been so poor. If they correct the red zone offense, then they will be VERY competitive.

  • juno

    nice prediction. I think the Jags or Colts will be the fifth seed and the Broncos will get the 6th.

  • azbronco7

    13-3. surprise everybody. mark it down.

    2nd seed, afc championship game, lose to pats, 2009 SUPER BOWL!

  • Kyle

    You could very well be right juno. It’s hard enough winning the AFC West – but just earning a playoff spot will be hard between the jags, colts, browns, and steelers. Plus some random surprise team that always come outta nowhere.

    10-6 might not be enough to get in the playoffs!

  • mikebirty

    Can’t see the Browns doing anything this year -
    Browns this year = Bengals and Saints last year.

    I have a feeling that the 6th seed will be between the Denver Broncos and the Denver Texans. It better all be sewn up before that game against the Chargers though.

  • broncfanstuckinsd

    I say 11-5 and best case is division champ, worst case a 5 seed.

  • kerry

    with our ease of schedule and all our guys staying healthy (hopefully) im saying 12-4, playoff birth. i cant specualte anything beyond that because as we all know, anything can happen in the playoffs. just look at the giants. i mean really, Eli Manning won a super bowl??? if that can happen then anything can happen with our Broncos.

  • TJ

    “Denver Texans”!! SOOO FUNNY!! SOOO TRUE!!

  • Aerobroncos

    I’d like to throw my 2 cents in and agree with Kerry. I think our broncos will go 12-4.

  • Wizard of OZ

    Since your all talking so rosey before the season how about 16-0. In fact it could happan if:
    Cutler only had a heart!
    Stokley had a brain!
    And Bailey had some courage

  • Wizard of OZ

    Oh i forgot Kyle, yea he’s Dorthy, click your heels together 3 times Kyle and repeat, please make this all come true and restore the Bronco’s to greatness. Make the team of the decades rise to the pinnicle again, just win baby…..oopS

  • Mile High in TO

    I think the Broncos beat the Jags, get the tie-breaker and finish the season 11-5 and grab the fifth seed! So it’ll be Nrw England, Indy, San Diego, and Pittsburgh as division winners, and the Broncos and Jags as the wildcards……..Marshall gets 1400 and 12 tds, Selvin gets 1300, and Cutler 29 td and 13 int