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Published on 06/12/2008 at Thu Jun 12 12:56.
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Javon Walker

Things didn’t end well between the Denver Broncos and WR Javon Walker, and the former Pro Bowler has already made it clear that it’s personal between he and the Broncos. Well, he’s not the only one – Broncos players are feeling it as well. Even if they’re new to the team.

Kim from Predominantly Orange conducted a slew of player interviews from Fain Fair over the weekend, and new middle linebacker Niko Koutouvides made it clear that the Broncos have #17 (formerly #84) squared in their sights.

“We’ll have something special for Javon Walker… He’s not too happy with the Broncos right now. You work year round for those kind of games.”

“Something special for Javon,” huh? A little more oomph in each hit? A little smack talk between plays? Sounds good to me.

One thing is certain: this game between the Raiders and Broncos is going to be epic.  Simply epic.  I can’t remember being this pumped for a season opener in a long, long time.  They better bring their ‘A game,’ because Walker’s former teammates are ready to take it to ’em.

Q&A with Niko Koutouvides [Predominantly Orange]

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    And i can’t remember being this pomped for a raider-game for just as long!

  • Jon

    Niko, “Bust in the mouth!”

  • Jason

    I am really excited about this guy… I mean, if you’re gonna play second fiddle it may as well be to a guy like Lofa.

  • azbronco7

    I’ve got something special for javon *right here*

    (raises a certain finger)

  • Merch

    ummm doesnt he know that when he’s on the field our D is there also?
    we are the ones that HIT the offensive players, dumb move by saying it’s personal, im sure WIlliams has a can of whoop a** for him ^_^

  • Merch

    THE YOUNG THUNDERING HERD! lmao (we are marshall)

  • Jon

    haha Kyle, thats funny

  • Rick

    Big talk from Niko the career back-up.

  • azbronco7

    well all he said is that all the Broncos will have something special.

    I love how this new guy isn’t afraid to rise to someone else’s challenge. Cant wait for week one