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Published on 06/12/2008 at Thu Jun 12 06:00.
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Every so often we update the Main Poll on the left sidebar of the home page.  Today is that day.  We also like to announce it loudly so the poll doesn’t feel so lonely.

So we ask you – which wide receiver will pull ahead in the training camp battle and earn the #2 spot across from Brandon Marshall?

Your choices (in alphabetical order):

  • Keary Colbert – Free agent who the Broncos hope earn the job.
  • Darrell Jackson – The most prior success of any player.
  • Samie Parker – Former Chief whose game only tailed off upon the arrival of Herm Edwards.
  • Eddie Royal – Rookie 2nd round pick hopes to impact more than just Special Teams.
  • Other – Don’t forget Martinez and even Stokley, who’s the default to be given the job if no one else takes it.

We look forward to your input!  BroncoTalk will be breaking down each position of interest before training camp, and these polls are the best way to get started!

  • orangecrush74

    D. Jackson should get the first shot because of experience. If and when he faltures, Eddie Royal. There is no time like the present!

  • Kyle

    Colbert is a total crap shoot for me. I have no idea of what to make of the signing, no matter what the latest fluff pieces from RMN say.

    I think Parker will do a lot better than most people think. Looking back 2 years ago before the Chiefs signed Herm Edwards as coach, Parker was a decent WR. He said as much when he arrived here – when Edwards came to Kansas City their playbook to stretch the field disappeared, along with Parker’s effectiveness. He’s kinda my sleeper choice above Colbert for the #4.

  • Em Smith

    It’s got to be Darrell Jackson – to start the season. He’s got the skills, is entering the age when WR tend to achieve peak production and is a good receiver that has a chance to be great. Marshall will get the top numbers and Jackson will be competing with Schefler and Stokley (who will stay in the slot where he is the best inthe league) for catches. Look for Colbert to be the first back-up and Parker and Martinez to fight it out for the final position.

  • kerry

    Jackson will be the number 2. and the number 3 isnt even a debate. Stokley is the best slot receiver in the game. hands down. marshall, jackson, and stokley will be the top three with Scheffler at TE

  • Josh Temple

    I’m hoping for 2006 Darrell Jackson and not 2007 DJack. If he returns to former glory we’re going to be even stronger at WR with a legitimate one two thread than we have had in 3-5 seasons.

  • Josh Temple


    I also agree on Stokley, it gives us a nice starting 3 with Royal as an up and comer. This could’ve been the steal of free agency.

  • broncfanstuckinsd

    I am rooting for Colbert. He had some early success. I hope he can live up to his potential. But I think at least to start the season it willbe Jackson. I honstly dont see Royal playing that much this season at WR, face it he is a rookie and they take time. But as long as he is a good return guy that will be great. I really like the WR’s this year. Well anything is better than having that cancer who went to oakland

  • Richard

    I would like to see D. Jackson as #2. I’m also rooting for Colbert, mostly because I wanted to see the Broncos draft him. He got the big screw from Carolina. I also think that Parker will be a very good role player for us. I would love to see him stretch the field for one or two of Culter’s Bombs, especially against the Chefs at ErrorHead.

  • dale1531

    samie parker #2