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Published on 06/08/2008 at Sun Jun 08 06:52.
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Andre Hall

[Andre Hall]
Name: Andre Hall
Height, Weight: 5’10”, 212
Position: Running Back
Age, Experience: 2, 25
College: South Florida

Andre Hall passed through Tampa and Chicago before landing in Denver. As an undrafted free agent, Hall spent 2006 trying to stick on a team and ending that year on Denver’s practice squad. In 2007 Hall stepped up as a returner and when injuries hit Travis Henry and Selvin Young, Hall got a chance to start his first NFL game vs Chicago on Nov. 25.

The Good: Hall was a bright spot on a special teams unit that featured our biggest embarrassment in years vs Devon Hester. He racked up 475 yard on kickoff returns on just 19 attempts (25 yard average). Hall also showed moments of brilliance out of the back field last year including his remarkable 4th quarter vs TEN in week 11 when he took the field with less than 13 minutes left in the game and immediately broke off a run for 62 yards and a TD. He followed this up with this first Pro start vs Chicago where he gained 181 all-purpose yards and a TD.

The Bad: Despite some momentary flashes, Hall hasn’t shown the consistency of a starting RB in the league – he often follows long breakout runs with disappointingly short gains. He’s slightly undersized at this level and he (like every one of our backs last year) suffered from the injury bug.

Status: A backup in 2007 with special teams experience. However, Denver signed rookie running backs Ryan Torain and Anthony Alridge as well as veteran Michael Pittman this off season. They also released Travis Henry. That leaves Selvin Young atop the RB depth chart heading into camp this year. Andre Hall will need to show Denver’s coaches something special in order to stay in play among the running back unit. And with Eddie Royal coming in, Hall will have some serious competition on the return unit as well.

As always, we invite you, the readers, to partake. How do you see Hall fitting into our 2008 offense and special teams?

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  • Jonathan Douglas

    As you all know I’m a BIG Andre Hall fan.

    I’m hoping he gets a chance to show off his skills during camp and the preseason this year. Last year Hall’s stock was seriously hurt when he wasn’t able to compete in the preseason due to a camp injury. I have always maintained that if he would have been able to show the coaches in game-speed action what he can do, he would have been beaten out Young for the number two slot last year.

    I know, I know, Young is great and I don’t want to take anything away from him. I just have to pull for my guy! :)

    Go Hall, Go!

  • Jiggers

    Hey Jonathan Douglas im also a big Andre Hall fan
    I hope he can show shanahan what he can do and get a chance to start in a game
    Go HALL!

  • broncfanstuckinsd

    Does he have a real legit chance to make the team, with Young, Pittman and Torian? Or is he gonna be a special teams guy? I like Hall. But I am unsure how he will fit in, unless the rb’s get a lot of injuires

  • Ian Henson

    Young is my dark horse this training camp, I am expecting him to be one of the better stories to emerge.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Young? I don’t think he’s much of a ‘dark horse’ at this point. He’s sitting on the top of depth chart with Henry gone. The coaches will certainly let Pittman and the other RB’s get a chance to compete, but Young is far from an unlikely starter – most ‘experts’ are predicted him as the starter for this season.

    … That’s good news if you’re pulling for him! :)

  • Jonathan Douglas

    P.S. Welcome aboard Jiggers! I’m always happy to have another Andre Hall fan in the group! :)

  • Jason

    Hall did look good last year. I just watched the Chicago game (again) last night and he looked brilliant. I’m sure a part of that was Chicago’s poor run defense but he didn’t go down easy and initiated some good contact.

  • Ian Henson

    Hall! I meant HALL! =\ Whoops, of course, I’d be going so far out on a limb by calling #1 on the depth chart my dark horse for the season. Sorry about that (where’s the edit feature) =P

  • Jonathan Douglas

    lol! That makes much more sense! :)

  • samantha hall


  • samantha hall


  • Roman

    agrees, but with this it can not be helped, it is in their blood

  • Q,

    Dre, sorry to hear about your injury sweetie. It will get better and you be back real soon cause you a ryder.
    P.S. When you do heal up, we can wrestle, like old times.
    You know who this is. Lol.

  • Diana


  • adamoerikom

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