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Published on 06/06/2008 at Fri Jun 06 11:32.
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If this doesn’t get you fired up as a Broncos fan you must be in a coma. Javon Walker left a message for his former team in an interview with ESPN’s Bill Williamson, “it’s personal”. Walker says he still loves the city of Denver but detests the Broncos organization. He refers to the orange and blue as “that team”. They kind of go hand in hand Javon. Williamson is speculating that Walker’s attitude towards the Broncos is one of the reasons Al Davis forked over that Brinks truck of a contract to him. Anything to bring in a player scorned by the mile high franchise. Bill Romanowski anyone?

“That team is going to see me in the opener,” Walker said. “They are going to see me, I’ll tell you that. They’ll see what they are missing.” – On the Monday Night Football Opener

Despite everything that has happened over the last two seasons Walker still thinks he got the raw deal in Denver. After Denver’s loss to Jacksonville this apparently is how the Broncos did Javon wrong.

“I was open and they didn’t get me the ball,” Walker said. “Here I was busting my butt, draining my knee, to be able to go out and make plays and they didn’t get me the ball. After that, I started to take care of my knee.”

Let me get this straight. The offense has one bad game during which the Jaguars had a stifling defense on the field. The game was back and forth the entire game with both teams locked in a defensive battle. Because you proceeded to not get the ball you gave up on your team and play for yourself and “take care of your knee”? Walker was outplayed by Marshall the entire 2007 season and it was clear he couldn’t be relegated to 2nd on the depth chart. Which is still a starting position the last time I checked!

Javon took on the attitude a lot of receivers these days have, if I’m not #1 on the chart, I’m being done wrong. Anyone with a basic knowledge of football offense knows there isn’t really an order for the receivers that are on the field with the starting offense. Your coaches will have you run the best routes for your skills on a given play. If you’re a speed guy you’re going to run the deep route. If you have good hands and composure you’re more likely to go over the middle. Why is this so hard to understand?

“I was ready in those final games and they just didn’t want me to be a part of the offense,” Walker said. “I just didn’t work for me there with that team. They wanted me to take a pay cut in the middle of the season. They just didn’t care about me. I’m glad I’m out of there.” – Walker on coming back after being injured for seven games

Didn’t want you to be a part of the offense? The guy was pretty much a no show after week 3. The games he did play in he caught 2 balls a game for an average of about 16 yards and had no touchdowns all season. You didn’t show up. Walker still continues to say that the events surrounding the Darrent Williams shooting have nothing to do with his attitude in Denver. But as sad as it is to say, we all know it has had an affect on Walker’s relationship with the team. He was never the same player after that night.

Denver insiders say the team is happy to be rid of the wideout. They said he was more concerned with personal numbers than team performance. I think this article pretty much echoes that statement, right out of Javon’s mouth. He just doesn’t want you to hear it that way.

“‘This team gets me,” Walker said. “They know what I can do for them. The coaches want me to get the ball here. I just can’t wait to show what I can do in the first game against that team.”

But somehow the Raiders are going to cure all his ills. What else did Al Davis fill your head with? In any case, is everybody ready for some Bronco on Raider hate for Monday Night Football?

  • Kyle

    Javon squared up against one of the best corners in the league against Jacksonville in Rashean Mathis. Mathis smothered him, too, I remember it clearly, he wasn’t nearly as open as he claims.

    He cared about himself first and the team second. Good riddance.

  • inrodwetrust

    That picture of the raiders colosseum brought back some crazy memories of the 2007 season. My buddy won a trip for two to see the Broncos-raiders game in Oakland last year. Wearing my bright orange Cutler jersey in the black hole was an experience I can’t fully describe nor would I soon repeat. I know Javon mouthed his way out of Denver, but I cant help feeling a little bad for anyone that washes up their career in a place like that. Yes even the orange-and-blue blooded Roidanowski. Javon may play great that first game of the year but the honeymoon will end all too soon as the sea of black carries away his love of the game. Still I can’t wait to see Niko Koutouvides give Javon a real reason to dislike the Broncos when he tries to come accross the middle and gets some blue to go with his new black. By the way how many virgins does al davis have sacrifice a week to stay among the living?

  • flbronc

    i hate to say it to a fellow former seminole- but javon needs to shut up. nobody did him wrong. he needs to shut his mouth, other than to say a few prayers that his knee holds up long enough to get him through the pre-season. 50/50 he injures it before they play us.

  • orangecrush74

    I hope Champ follows him all over the field and that Lynch gets a shot on him!

  • mikebirty

    A Lynch hit on him in the first series – like the one he laid on LT in San Diego – would do nicely.

    Just under 100 days isn’t it?

  • rick

    Javon will be lucky to catch 2 passes on Monday Night Opener because Mcfadden, Bush and Fargus will be running all over Da Bronco’s

  • hercules rockefeller

    I’m pulling for another ACL tear that ends his career. I’m a jerk like that, though.

  • Josh Temple

    Look everyone! It’s our favorite delusional Raiders fan, Rick! Welcome back, I needed a laugh.

  • Dario

    This comes as no shock.

    On a personal note I went to a Raider Monday night game vs KC about 9 years ago in Oaklands. Some old couple walked by in big red KC parkas (It rained like hell). They had two beers tossed on them. Two huge ice cubes barely missed this old ladies head that was tossed from six rows back. They were cussed and harrassed all night long. I would never, ever, ever take my son to a game in Oakland. For my own safety I’d never wear an opposing team’s colors. Hell, if you wear neutral colors you get the stare-down in that place. One hell of a place.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    All I can do is sigh. I wrote last year that we’d miss Walker if we let him go; and we did a much better job of going out and finding capable replacements than I expected.

    That said, I predict he’ll have another decent season. He won’t be pro bowl cause the Raiders o line isn’t going to give JaMarcus a chance to throw, but at least he’ll be upright better than that big-armed statue Andrew Walter. It won’t matter how well he can throw if he has defenders in his face every other snap.

  • dan

    Isnt funny it is still all about Walker. They didnt get me the ball is his mantra. Go to Oakland and good riddance to bad rubbish. He was run out of Green Bay and now Denver because of his me first attitude. Does he honestly think that an overrated first year starting QB is gonna do better than Cutler? Is smoking that the NFL deems illegal. I hope his knee problems come back to haunt his ass.

  • Jon

    hey last year i wanted 2 KILL cutler cause 4 real he would not pass the ball 2 Javon! i was so mad cause i figured some’n like this would happen, so sad 4 him, well it s his falt he signed with them. on Monday Elvis D. is gonna SMASH jamarcus then he’ll be so scared it will happen again he will be passing eraticly and Champ will get a few pics and John Lynch is gonna bust the WR that get a chance 2 geta chatch. D.J. Niko and Boss r also gonna shut up the DarrenMcfadden, Bush and Fargus

  • rick

    Jon says “Elvis D is gonna smash Jamarcus and then he will be so scared he will be passing eraticly? Woooo. You guys are looking through rose colored glasses again. All Jamarcus has to do is hand the ball off to DMAC, BUSH and FARGUS and watch……ya’all can’t stop da run. Still raining in Denver? 88 with a nice breeze. Good night

  • Denver Diehard

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he twists an ankle or something the last preseason game just to get out of playing Denver in the opener.

  • Jon

    i can remember a free-agent #18 WR signed by the Raiders a few years ago kinda like Javon, and he was SHUT-DOWN by a Champ, and they got rid of him after a few seasons, can see that happening with Javon. and Rick, u ding bat! if u wanna talk like that u can go live in Oakland and then talk like that

  • Jon

    btw, i doubt any body is this dumb, but it was Randy Moss

  • Rick

    Jon, UGh, thats ancient history. Why do you want to talk about shadows of things from the past? Oh i’m sorry Jon, this blog is just for Bronco fans to kid each other into believing the bronco’s are going to be great this year. My bad……

  • Josh Temple

    Ok current. Enjoy salary cap hell for marginal upgrades at skill positions. “What this isn’t the 1970’s anymore? Just overpay baby!”

  • Rick

    Josh, marginal players huh? Deangelo Hall is marginal?

  • Josh Temple

    Yeah, we just paid multi-millions for a player who can’t keep his trap shut in Atlanta bitching with coaches left and right. Not to mention his history of being Micheal Vick Jr.

  • Rick

    Josh, you seem to be an amature GM. What do care about how much money is spent. Denver had thier share of mal contents and trouble makers. Henry? Players shot after late night parties, druck and disordly falling in TV and ripping uo an arm, not to mention firing GM????? ……so your rambling about salery cap hell is funny and ignorant. Do you really worry about how much money your team spends on players? By the way Shanny is on thin ice right now and will probably end on fired after this year, denver didn’t spent ENOUGH to improve this year and your team is destined to come in slightly ahead of the chiefs this year. So go ahead reply that I am a jerk and should stay out of the orange and whatever’s blog site.

  • Josh Temple

    Touchy? It does matter how much you spend, especially when you can’t play in the free agent market the following years when the quality guys do show up. It’s stupid to throw your money around because a player is pissed at his old team. A D.J. Hackett or Stallworth would’ve been a much better investment than Walker who will crying to leave Oakland in two seasons.

    It was smart to cut Henry now and take the hit when we could afford it rather than carry him and cut the salary next off season. See my comment in today’s daily links, it completely proves my point. The Raiders just paid out 26 million guaranteed to McFadden compared to 14 million for our entire draft class. That includes our #1 pick who was selected only 7 spots lower. Keep it up with the name calling, it’s amusing.

  • Kyle

    Classless Raiders fan strikes again. Can you show less class than by saying the Broncos have troublemakers because they get “shot up?”

    Hmm… Randy Moss in Minnesota… Pro Bowler. Randy Moss in New England… Pro Bowler.

    Randy Moss in Oakland? Joke. Get used to it.

  • Techytech

    As a life long Broncos fan living in the East Bay this conversation amuses me. While I’ve beek to plenty of Broncos raiders games it wasn’t in orange. While in Rome do as the Romans do, and when you see that Raider fan ahead of you in the hot dog line with a Raider shirt on his back and a Bronco logo on his wallet you know the tune.

    The raiders is a perfect place for Javon and besides, as mentioned, they needed a replacement for Randy Moss. Their ‘potential’ guy that never sees a catchable ball and quits on most patterns. I see Javon filling in nicely.

  • Rick

    too you guys anybody who is not a bronco fan is classless. You just want to write and read how shanny has everything under control and our bronco defense is so good and don’t you think things will be so rosy this year and yuk like that. BTW what are you babbleing about techytech with the raider shirt and bronco walley? Do you do that? You Denver fans are lame….

  • Josh Temple

    No, not all other fans are classless. Fact: every year it’s only the Raider fans (with maybe the exception of Eagles fans) that come to start fist fights with all the other fans. The talk smack all pregame then when things turn for the worst they get violent. They’re all thugged out wanna be gangstas. They try to start crap with everyone else like they’re in the black hole but don’t realize you can’t get away with that crap when you don’t outnumber someone by 60,000 people.

  • Josh Temple

    I will use Chiefs fans as a good example, we have two guys that show every year in our section. They show up in their Jerseys and talk smack with us all game. Win or lose they’re always good sports and we say do it again next year. You do that same thing with the Raider fans and they try to get violent. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a Raider fan take a swing at someone then cry to the cops after he gets thrown down the stairs.

  • Jon

    gosh rick, whats your problem

  • Rick

    Josh.. is reading too much hype about fighting Raider fans….way out of porportion. Exaggerqated by the media. One thing for sure fellas, neither you guys nor me will be celebrating a super Bowl victory. I just hope we take 2 this year like we should have last year. I love it when shanny squints that one eye.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    Dude. Dominator is class. Seriously. He’s a good guy, he’s a fan of football, not just the Raiders. I’ll grant you that. And his crew. Really, they’re good guys.

    But your average Raider fan? It varies. Let’s face it. The Raiders, the team, the organization, they embrace the Bad Boy image. They embrace the violence. So they get it. I live in San Jose, and I don’t go to the local Bronco game, even though I keep being tempted to. I don’t want to deal with it. It’s not just the media.

    I occasionally get hassled for my Broncos jacket. Kind of sad, really. Though to be fair, I get complimented on it a lot more than I get hassled. Mostly because people love it when they see my wife and I wearing matching jackets, just generally out.

    Rick: The Raiders might be on their way up this year, but ‘up’ is 4-12 or so. I just don’t see Russell having a good year until Al Davis actually successfully addresses the O-line. And I think the problem is truly organizational; right now there is a bad attitude inside the organization. It feels like a lot of the people who actually work for the Raiders have bought into the bad boy image too much, and a lack of discipline pervades the team.

    You’ve seen it for the last decade. Players come to the Raiders with big resumes, and they consistently underperform. Every single year. LaMont Jordan? Randy Moss? Robert Gallery?

    There’s some really good players on that team, but the team hasn’t amounted to anything since Gruden was ridden out of town on a rail. Who can respect Al Davis when he got rid of a coach that took the team to the superbowl? Seriously. In the NFL, nothing succeeds like winning.

    But not for Al Davis.

    I feel bad for my Raider friend fans. They all know how bad the team sucks and they hate it. Heck, I hate it. It’s hard to have a good rivalry when the team is just flat out abysmal.

    C’mon. What the hell are the San Diego Chargers doing as the class of the AFC West?

  • Rick

    The Raiders don’t imbrace anything as an organization Miles, they don’t grant a lot of media interviews or even answer the stupid rumors, its the MEDIA ,get it MEDIA that keeps puttin out the rumor slop that you believe! As far as the chargers, really what have the Chargers really done with the talent? Playoffs playoffs…. no rings. Last year was a huge chink in the armor with LT laying down in the championship game. I still have hope that Norv will mess it up. The Raiders get more media junk and black hole BS than any team in sports. Rumors abound and stupid articles like Davis to file kiffin, Jamarcus said to be over 300 lbs, Kiffin wants to leave raiders to coach LSU and Kiffin wants to fire def coordinator and on and on. The bottom line is this…its been a quiet off season with the raiders. And you even know who “Dominator is”? A secret…He’s a Raider fan dressed up?

  • hercules rockefeller

    You’re a clown, Rick. Study your own team’s history for a change. Oh, and a third grade English class should probably be on your to-do list.

  • A.J

    Wow Faiders Fans really crack me up,but the one on here actually sounds reasonable and cohearant,but alas he’s still a misguided gay-der fan,but my best memory is in 2004,I was knocking about Southern California(where there is a good number of Broncos fans by the way,kinda sucks to be surrounded by chargeless and faider ,but then again it kinda rules too),anyways me and a couple of friends who also were members of Broncos Country took a nice little trip up to Oaktown to attend The Broncos-Gay-ders game,the first thing I noticed was how shitty the Stadium was,man it looked like a built up minor league stadium and it oddly smelled like piss and garbage(kinda makes sense knowing who occupies it),the second thing was that we were surrounded by the black and silver,know we did feel a little uneasy,and we did start jawing with some of the faider fans on the way to and in the parking,however we did one into another group of orange and blue clad devotees,finally in the company of good guys,but anyways we get to our seats and were sitting there having a grand old time,when this one jackass starts yelling at ass,”donkey fans go back to Denver,this is Raiders Country,anyways he throws his beer cup in our direction(not even coming close) and one of my friends who is 6’5 and well over 200 pounds goes up to confront him and guess what the drunken jackass apologized and we didn’t hear a peep from him the whole game,anyways when the game started we didn’t hear a peep from the whole crowd as the once rowdy Gay-der fans were too shocked and despondant to really say anything as the Broncos would go on to give the faiders one hell of an ass whooping,as Rueben Droughns ran all over the faider defense and the faider offense were powerless against the mighty Denver D,anyways by the end of the game We had a little Bronco Celebration in the faiders stadium as we were whooping and hollering as faider fans were filing out of the stadium despondant and distraught,we would then carry out to the parking lot where we would celebrate with other Broncos Fans who had braved the trip into obvious enemy territory,one of those fans was a retired Marine Colonel,who lived in the area,anyways it was amazing trip and game,but to be fair,we did meet some nice gay-der fans,one who was even nice enough to treat us to some some beers,so that goes to show that not all gay-der fans are assholes,anyways what a great trip,can’t wait for the opener when The Broncos go into Oakland and again disappoint the Faider Faitful!!!

  • RaiderMan Banning

    31-10 (LMAO) Need I say More??? Oh yea… how bout that ‘washed-up” Javon Walker???