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Published on 06/04/2008 at Wed Jun 04 09:10.
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The 31 year running highlight and analysis show “Inside the NFL” has found a new home to continue it’s run.  The NFL Films produced show had been cancelled by HBO earlier in the year.  The new landing spot is rival cable network Showtime.  No word yet if any of the anchors from last season (Marino, Collinsworth, Carter, Costas) will still host.  Showtime is owned by CBS and will still use NFL Films to help produce.  There is a good likelyhood that Collinsworth will still be on the show being that he’s already an announcer for The NFL on CBS.  Costas may have a conflict of interest since HBO still aires the other shows he’s involved in, Coastas Now and Real Sports.  The show will air Wednesdays starting Sept. 10th.

  • Kyle

    I’ll miss Costas, but glad the show is back. Watched since I was a kid (when I had HBO).

  • Josh Temple

    Did your parents disconnect it after they caught you watching Real Sex??? I’ve always said that’s the best way to have “the talk” with your kids… just get HBO for a month or two when they’re at that age.

  • Kyle

    lol… jeebus no…

    Since I “left the nest” couldn’t afford it until just last year. Funny though.

    “Hey, Tommy, come here, I want to show you something…”