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Published on 06/04/2008 at Wed Jun 04 06:00.
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Miles at Invesco

It’s a War of Mascots, and the Denver Broncos’ Miles is currently trailing “Raiders fans” in this CBS Sportsline poll. Yes, the fans are the mascot. Pretty lame, right?

Anyway, he was quick to ask for help in his blog, and we’re happy to oblige, although something tells me if a “None of the above” option was available Jonathan would be the first to select it. (J/K Jonathan… couldn’t resist).

I mean… we’re going to let RAIDERS FANS beat our mascot? Up in arms, folks!

It’s election season after all… go practice… vote here.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Wait a minute – the Raiders don’t have a mascot! They can’t compete Mascot vs Mascot if they don’t have a mascot – that’s crazy talk!

    Now, if we had a Fan vs Fan competition, Barrelman would whoop any goth-vader-raider-fan any day of the week. :)

  • Jonathan Douglas

    P.S. Why the heck don’t the Raiders have a mascot? If we have to suffer, so should they. What, are they running into trouble getting permission from George Lucas to use Darth Vader as their mascot? If that’s the case I would vote that they have to use Darth Helmet.

  • Josh Temple

    The Raider’s did have a mascot at one time. It was an emo version of a pirate, that was until he got shanked by his own fans.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    If you shank your mascot they don’t just replace them? …er… I mean, I won’t never do that – I was just wondering. :)

  • Jon

    Bronco fans, send this vote 2 EVERYBODY u know! we can’t let Oakland win!

    Which NFL mascot is the most fierce?
    34% Miles

    66% Raiders fans

    Total Votes: 2857

  • Kyle

    They’re leading by like a thousand votes… that’s a piece of cake for Broncos fans. Seriously.

  • Aerobroncos

    I just voted guys thanx for the post i had no idea! We can’t let Miles down!

  • Jon

    if all Bronco fans knew about this we would MURDER the Raiders, so spread the word!

  • ryanbroncos

    Kind of an interesting tidbit. The Charger’s Boltman who is the number one seed is losing 51% to 49% to Poe the Raven who is the last seed.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    The Raven’s mascot is named Poe… that’s worse than Miles.

    …I can’t believe I’m still talking about mascots. [Jonathan slams his head repeatedly into the wall]

  • Kyle


  • Josh Temple

    Never more…. never more

  • Aerobroncos

    Haha yes we can all tell this is the offseason…. we are concerned about the mascots lol….oh September is taking to long to come around.

  • Jon

    look at Miles shoes!

  • Jon

    we went up 2% keep the votes comeing!

    36% Miles

    64% Raiders fans

    Total Votes: 6161