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Published on 06/02/2008 at Mon Jun 02 07:34.
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  • Rosalind Williams finds comfort and hope in the recent break in her son’s murder investigation.  [Denver Post]
  • The Broncos coaches and players are also encouraged by the intercepted letter.  [Rocky Mountain News]
  • Casey Wiegmann will return home this week – his hometown of Parkersburg, Iowa was ravaged by a tornado, killing seven and injuring more than 50.  [Rocky Mountain News]
  • Mike Greenberg, Mike Golic, and Mike Ditka will call the Broncos’ Week 1 Monday Night Football game.  [FanHouse]
  • Running back by committee, or will one back lead the pack?  [Denver Post]
  • The tight end position got a little banged up, but overall the Broncos escaped QB camp unharmed.  [Denver Post]
  • MLB: Cubs 5, Rockies 3.  [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Ian Henson

    I thought the Mike’s Three were going to handle the 49ers/Cardinals game…

  • Ian Henson

    Oh, that was last season =P

  • Mort Metzger

    I do everything in my power to avoid all things Mike and Mike. Godaamn ESPN…they know I’m stuck here and obligated to watch.

    At least we can do a drinking game. Take a shot every time you hear Golic preface something with…”As a (former) player…” and chug a beer whenever Greenberg forces an awkward segue.

    Shit faced by mid 1st quarter.

  • Jon

    hey what is the point with all the @!@#$%^

  • Kyle

    Jon… what?

  • Jon

    could u ask 4 no swearing

  • Ian Henson

    Mort- Yeah, I don’t know whether I’m looking forward to it or not. I’m usually pretty easy on announcers though, I even miss Dennis Miller. As long as the announcer wasn’t a former member of the Raiders, they’re normally okay with me.