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Published on 05/08/2008 at Thu May 08 13:26.
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Williamson is full of non-news stories over at the Hashmarks blog.  Ryan Harris is focusing in on winning one of the starting offensive tackle jobs this offeseason.  It was expected that Harris would take over (Williamson’s words) at left tackle following Matt Lepsis‘ retirement, then the Broncos drafted Ryan Clady number 12 overall and Shanahan anointed him the starter immediately.  Ryan has said you won’t hear a lot out of him this offseason or training camp because he will be busy working to crack the starting lineup, even if it means overtaking Erik Pears at right tackle.

In other Broncos somewhat related news, Sam Adams is not quite ready to retire.  He plans on dropping 30lbs this offeseason to keep his career going.  After a dissapointing season with the Broncos Adams was quoted as saying: “I don’t want it to end like that,” Adams said, “I have more football in me. I can help a lot of teams.” The defensive tackle is currently a free agent.  Seattle, Oakland, and Tennessee were all named as possible landing spots.

  • Arden

    “I have more football in me.” Why, did you eat some for lunch and they haven’t passed yet? I was embarrassed watching him toddle off the field last season, thinking “there goes our starting DT”.

  • Garret Barnes

    I like Ryan Harris and I think he is better than Erik Pears. I hope he beats Pears out for the starting job at right tackle. I loooooove me some Notre Dame alumin. It is well known the good things they do with their players. I hope Ryan Harris fits into that category.