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Published on 04/30/2008 at Wed Apr 30 11:02.
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[Darren McFadden]

The Oakland Raiders may have made a big splash by drafting Darren McFadden Saturday, but anyone with any scrap of sense will tell you that it was the last thing the Raiders needed. Yesterday they released Dominic Rhodes, who let some of his feelings about the Raiders organization be known in a recent interview with Sirius NFL Radio.

“The year out in Oakland was a tough one for me, man, especially coming from the Colts, which is a great organization. They put together their team in a way with not a bunch of guys that are supposed to be like Hollywood types. They go and get guys like myself who they know can play football and they put them on the field and they win with them, you know?”

What, the Oakland Raiders like to go after Hollywood types? Really? Nah, really? You’re kidding.

“Out in Oakland it was tough, man. I got put into a bad situation. … We had like a stable full of running backs that are capable, that ran for a hundred yards, every one of them and we went and drafted a guy that – he’s a great runner, don’t get me wrong – but I don’t understand the logic behind it.”

What’s more, it’s becoming plenty clear that Raiders coach Lane Kiffin wanted no part of McFadden. He had Rhodes, Justin Fargas, and LaMont Jordan already on the roster, not to mention last year’s uber-talented-but-injured 4th round pick Michael Bush. Why in the world would he want to add another RB to the mix with Glenn Dorsey staring him in the face?

“I don’t really think that Lane Kiffin wanted to take a running back in the first round, let’s just put it like that,” Rhodes said. “He has to deal with it now, but I don’t think that’s what he wanted to do.”

It’s almost certainly not. That’s not all, though – yesterday, former Raiders DT Warren Sapp had a few interesting things to say – particularly about one of the running backs the Raiders decided to keep.

…After three games last season, LaMont Jordan led the NFL in rushing,” Sapp said. “But LaMont is like the worst offseason running back I’ve ever been around; he was out of shape and couldn’t keep it going.”

It’s hard not to completely fold over when I hear this. Great job Oakland! Keep the lazy “Hollywood types” and cut the blue collar guy who actually wanted to work hard to see the field!

According to Sapp, the whole team is a mess, both offensively and defensively. He made sure to point out the weaknesses in the Raiders’ defense, particularly that Oakland is “a team with 3-4 personnel, but they’re running a 4-3 system.” He said the team would do better implementing a two-gap approach instead of the current defensive coordinator Rob Ryan‘s one-gap system.

Anytime your football players leave your organization and have no problem airing the team’s dirty laundry, you’ve got problems. In two days, two ex-Raiders made it crystal clear that Oakland is a team in turmoil from top to bottom. Everyone jumping on their bandwagon is in for a bumpy ride.

  • azbronco7

    “Everyone jumping on their bandwagon is in for a bumpy ride.”

    Excellent article mate!

  • Hyphy

    Wow, yeah we didn’t take Dorsey because you don’t draft someone at 4th to back up the player who you paid 55 mil. Are you that stupid whoever the hell wrote the article? And btw I agree with Sapp in that Jordan is a lazy, fat bum. He will be after June 1st and Rhodes was released to make room for the cap hit the Raiders took in trading away Fabian. So that leaves up with Micheal Bush and Justin Fargas, an unproven rookie and an productive but injury prone RB. Why the hell would you NOT take macfadden?

    And btw we tried the 3-4 defence a few years back…it didn’t end well. Look at the last 5 years you dumbass, the offense is what tore the Raider apart. Man I guess they let anyone write articles these days huh?

  • Donkeys Suck

    What a surprise! A Donkey article ripping the Raiders. Rhodes spouting off after he’s cut? Perhaps he shouldn’t have gotten suspended and missed the first 4 games last year. As the for the “Logic” Rhodes seems puzzled by, Dmac is only 21, never had an injury and was the experts consensus #1 player in this year’s draft. LJ has has chronic back problems, Fargas gets hurt every year and Bush hasn’t player football in two years. So our stable full stable isn’t so stable. BTW, Kiffin said it was the Raiders goal to obtain Dmac at all costs immediately after the draft.

  • Donkeys Suck

    To listen to a disguntled RB who just got cut and valuing his opinion as fact has got to be the most assinine thing I’ve ever heard. Lastly, when hasn’t former player aired dirty laundry for any team after he’s left them? I believe your very own former WR did the same thing after he joined our club. And when did Sapp say the team was a “mess”? I have read the entire interview and he NEVER said anything like that. He stated HE thought the 3-4 was a better scheme for the team nothing more. As for the bumpy ride, as long as it includes spanking the weak ass Donkeys both times this season, I’ll be happy. Looking forward to Shanarat’s firing later this season. Go Raiders!!!

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Well, it certianly is nice to know that Oakland fans have found our small end of the internet here on BroncoTalk. :)

    I think you’ll find that our readers are more than willing to have meaningful discussions with you on topics related to our teams; however, since you’re likely new to the site I will mention that we try to keep our posts and comments respectful of one another (even our division rivals) and generally avoid petty name calling and unnecessary foul language.

  • Josh Temple

    Yeah Kyle, your writing sucks! You like quote from the source and don’t show love to your rivals. I guess they let anyone write articles around here.

  • studbucket

    It’s one thing to be critical of an article, it’s another thing to mindlessly bash it without obviously reading and understanding what it said.

  • joe

    HAHA you oakland fans make me laugh. Considering the fact that you guys are STACKED at bodys for RB, why would you pass up on Dorsey? I would love to cuss at you, but i will not snoop to that level. But for the record, Mcfadden runs like a bitch.

  • Josh Temple

    I think Broncotalk is a pretty cool guy, eh bashes Raiders and doesn’t afraid of anything.

    *Google it if you don’t get it

  • mark

    man, Raider fans are already pissed off and it’s only May! I thought M. Bush had some real potential? Oh well…

  • hercules rockefeller

    The Raiders are clueless. Apparently so are their fans.

  • Kyle

    Offseason rules apply here. Rival team bashing is “a must” to get through the offseason. So here we go.

    OK, so let’s get this straight. You drafted McBroncoFan because he’ll stay healthy and you need someone at RB too. OK.

    Current DTs: Tommy Kelly. 55 million dollars later and you think he’ll work HARDER? Or stay HEALTHY? Once?
    Gerard Warren. Just wait for his toe to bend the wrong way. Can’t count on Big Money.

    The Raiders are clueless, get used to it fans, your own former players are calling your team out. Rhodes said he got put “in a bad situation.” That’s Oakland, home of Hollywood types who care more about a paycheck than winning football games.

  • Donkeys Suck

    If the word ass and assinine is considered “foul” language then Donkey’s fans are even weaker than I thought.

    Studbucket, I didn’t mindlessly do anything. I simply pointed out what a joke this article is by it’s out of context quotes and ridiculous assumptions that only recently dropped Raiders players have animosity towards their former teams.

    We’re clueless huh Kyle? How ‘s that exactly? Because we read entire interviews instead of quoting only what suits our weak argument? BTW, our clueless team beat you twice last season. Only a smart TO call saved you the first time. You know it and we know it.

    As for Rhodes, maybe if he hadn’t been busted and missed the first 4 games causing him to ride the pine, the situation wouldn’t have been “bad” for him. Your former players have called your team/coach out as well so your argument has no merit Kyle. This happens with EVERY team.

    To address your other meaningless points:

    Dmac is a stud, he’s better than any RB we had already and he’s younger than all of them. Oh yeah and he’s never been hurt. He’s solidifies a strong offensive base with JM & Miller.

    DT’s – When Bilicheat says you’re a great player and will be a force in the NFL then it’s pretty certain you will be. Sapp said that too, yet that wasn’t included in your “brilliant” article. Also Kelly will be playing his natural position, finally. That will make all the difference.

    Warren is not our starting DT, Sands is and Warren seemed to play better for us than for you BTW. Sands wasn’t himself because his father died and he struggled with it all season. I see a resurgence this year. Bottom line, between the two we should be alright.

    I guess we’ll find out who’s right on Monday Night in front of the whole Nation won’t we?

  • Kyle

    I’ll give you that – other players have called out their former teams, including the Broncos. Fine.

    But COME ON – your head coach publicly did not want this guy. Your owner took him anyway. The organization is a mess, there’s no denying it.

  • DJTennessee

    As a long suffering Browns fan (yeah, thanks a lot Broncos!), I don’t know if the average fan can truly appreciate how how truly funny that image link of Gerard Warren is in this context of this post.

  • Josh Temple

    lol for posting opinion as fact.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    The well known fact of the matter is that Al Davis loves to get stud athletes regardless of their true usefulness on your depth chart. He loves freaks-of-nature (athletically). And that’s cool, but when you are vastly overpaying them and tend to collect them without a sense of where they will fit into your team, it makes for a rather akward locker room filled with huge personallities and few team players.

    I’m not saying you don’t have any team players. I’m not saying you don’t have talent on your team. I will also freely admit that Lane Kiffin’s hiring scared me to death. He seems like a great coach… luckily for us Bronco fans he’s being hindered by Al Davis.

    Doesn’t it seem odd to you that Shanahan coached your team, then left and won two super bowls. You had Gruden and then when he left your team he won a super bowl. It seem likely that when Kiffin wises up and leaves Oakland he will also have a good chance to win a super bowl.

    P.S. Just to clerify I said unnecessary foul language. We clearly don’t censor remarks if they stay PG-13. I was simply passing along some site etiquette.

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