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Published on 04/29/2008 at Tue Apr 29 23:55.
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Wow, what a weekend!  The guys and I here at BroncoTalk want to thank you for your unbelievable support and contributions over draft weekend.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday were particularly groundbreaking for us, as we tallied personal records in both unique visitors and hits over that span!  In those 72 hours, BroncoTalk welcomed over 4,700 unique visitors and over 10,000 page views!  Monday alone featured over 4,000 hits.  Both well eclipse the previous milestones for our little site.

We’re dedicated to bringing you the best Denver Broncos blog and fan site possible, but we couldn’t do it without you! Thanks again!

  • studbucket

    Holy cow, that’s awesome! Fantastic work guys.

  • Aerobroncos

    I just became a member here not to long ago and i have to say I’m here to stay as long as you guys are around doing this. Thanx so much and congratulations on your success! GO BRONCOS!

  • Sabo

    I second Aerobroncos’ comments!

  • Jonathan Douglas

    I just wanted to second Kyle’s comments. All of you guys and gals that read the blog and, more importantly, join in the discussions have made working on BroncoTalk a real joy.

    You all rock and I’m looking forward to sharing with you a really awesome 2008!

  • E. Halsey Miles

    It’s too bad that the draft preceeds a 2 month dead time in the NFL world. There’s not a lot that’ll happen until OTAs open up; and then OTAs are mostly a lot of waiting around hoping someone will tell us how the players are looking. And without Mason blogging, telling us the hilites, we’ll get even less information than we did last year.