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Published on 04/29/2008 at Tue Apr 29 19:43.
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“If players were measured by their heart and desire instead of their body structure, Woodyard would be a giant among men. A fearless tackler with little regard for his own safety…” –

Credit: www.southernpigskin.comThat’s not a bad intro for your NFL Draft Scouting report. I think most of us here on are pretty excited about this guy, so I’ll dive right into my review…

Woodyard started playing WILL in High School where he helped his team post a 51-3 record and win two state championships. In his senior year alone he racked up 125 tackles and 6 fumble recoveries with 4 returned for TD’s.

Woodyard arrived at the University of Kentucky in 2004 as a strong safety, but after only 10 games (and 5 starts) he was moved back to WILL. He impressed both coaches and teammates and became the first Kentucky freshman to serve as a team captain.

For the next three years he dominated the weak side LB position. He broke 100 tackles all three years finishing his collegiate career with 395 tackles (259 solo), 6.5 sacks (for 48 yards worth of loss), caused 7 fumbles, recovered 7 more, deflected 12 passes and intercepted two others.

Here are some things I liked from the scouting report:
* Smart player who shows awareness and good instincts on the field
* Learns and picks up things well on the field
* He is an aggressive wrap-up tackler
* He is not afraid to give up his body and lay a blow if he gets into position
* Works hard in the weight room
* Appears to be very coachable player
* He is a vocal team leader
* Quality performer on all of the special team coverage squads

And here are a few things that concern me:
* He struggles to shed blockers when working along the line of scrimmage
* He can often overrun the ballcarrier
* A competitive tackler who will lay some wood, but plays out of control
* Several scouts say he plays too high – needs to lower his pads

All in all, I think his main issues (according to the ‘experts’) can be solved by good coaching. If Woodyard is willing to learn, he has a bright future with the Broncos. I just don’t know enough to predict if Denver will use him at safety or LB, but he seems like the perfect fit for our standard faster-than-humanly-possible LB unit.

I guess I could start harping on DJ being allowed to compete for his MIKE position again, with Woodyard now able to compete at WILL… but I feel like I’ve already beaten that horse well past death.

And now, for a couple of short video clips of Woodyard in action!

He doesn’t seem too ‘light’ in this video as he lays a nice hit on a receiver.

Woodyard breaks up a pass with another great hit.

  • James

    UK fan here who thinks you guys picked up a great one. If nothing else, he’ll be awesome on your special teams.
    I don’t think he’ll make it at safety. He might be able to bulk up a little more and help you at linebacker eventually…

  • Jarrod

    Wesley Woodyard is a beast. I went to every Kentucky home game in 2006 and a few in 2007 and Woodyard basically led the team in tackles every game. This guy has a nose for the ball and the Broncos picked up a great player, and an even better guy.

  • Sarah White

    I watched him every single game he played. He is a wonderful, exciting player. I now live in TN and was hoping the Titans would get him.

  • G Rob

    Wes Woodyard is the defensive steal of the draft, imo. GREAT pickup for the Broncos. He is a WARRIOR. SEC offenses feared this guy for four years. I am SOOOO going to miss Wesley Woodyard (big Kentucky fan here).

  • WildcatDJ

    I am a huge Kentucky and Bengals fan and I am very disappointed the Bengals didn’t pick him up. He led the SEC in tackles the past two seasons. We all know the SEC is no joke and neither is Woodyard. Best player not drafted.

  • http://broncotalk kyle

    I watched him as much as I could but living in NM I only saw a few games. I’ve watched all his highlight reels and this guy is the shit. Im so excited to see what he’s got in lik 2 years when he’s bigger and had more coaching. Im pumped

  • Smoque 96

    A beast! His ability to consistently rack up big numbers in the toughest college football conference should have made picking him a no brainer. I guess not. Can’t wait to see this guy terrorize the NFL the way he did at the collegiate level. I expect to see great things from this guy. He’s a DOG. ROOF!

  • Jake

    Been watching him since he played at LaGrange High school. He has always been a hard player and is a great guy off the field! Was very disappointed not to see him go in the draft.

  • brennan

    wesley woodyard is a scumbag that leves people after acidents. he left my wife in the parking lot of US Bank in Auora,CO on September 2, 2008. He didnt even bother to give her a ride back to her shool. Now that wouldnt be a problem if she werent a 19 year old and lived in aother city. She has to drive to a whole nother city to go to collage. This being said maybe you all should take a look at your beloved football star. Hes not really such a good guy. I still cant beleive after the accident he just left her there in anther city to try to find her own way around with an undriveable car.

  • To Brennan

    If this is true Brennan, you should teach your wife to use a phone after an accident to call the cops. Then you should be sure she has insurance that can assist her after the accident. Next you should call Tom Martino or any other news outlet… they love any info on Broncos misbehaving. If your wife is in “collage” she should be bright enough to figure out simple steps after an accident. Also, do you really want your wife riding around in a car with someone thats a total stranger to her? Especially someone who appears to be such a “scumbag.”

    And Finally: Wesley Woodyard is now tackling cars!!!! Someone alert the national card!

  • GoBigBlue

    to brennan, you are my hero