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Published on 04/28/2008 at Mon Apr 28 09:56.
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So, we have ourselves a new placekicker, rookie undrafted free agent Garrett Hartley.

Hartley is from Texas and is about as laid back as you can get. He has the calm personality that Jason Elam always impressed me with although Gerratt seems a bit more on the hippy end of that persuasion.

In High School Hartley set a national record for points in a career by a kicker. His longest FG was 52 yards and he dominated on kickoffs, posting 86% touchbacks.

At Oklahoma, he took over half way through his freshman year. He had a modest year in terms of Field Goals, but did very well on kickoffs. He had 33 touchbacks out of 67 kicks. He averaged 58.5 yards on kickoffs and had only one kickoff go out of bounds.

In 2006 he exploded with a near perfect 19 of 20 FG attempts (his one miss was blocked by no fault of his own). That 95% was enough to led the nation among kickers with more than 10 attempts that year. He also nailed PAT’s (49 of 50) and continued to do well on kickoffs with 31 touchbacks out of 78 kickoffs.

His senior year slumped a bit as he made only 13 of 15 FG’s and 71 of 76 PAT. He did kick his career longest FG against Utah State (53 yards) and continued to do well on kickoffs.

Here is a video of Garrett leading into his senior year. You definitely get a feeling of his calmness and humility.

I like the kid. What do you think?

  • Francis Guerrero

    Descent prospect, I was hoping to get Contu with a late pick. Then again with so many un drafted kickers why use a pick !

  • Aerobroncos

    Can’t say i knew anything about this guy before i read your article on him but i can say that i do like what I’m hearing and i hope he can give us a reliable kicker. It looks like Denver finally worked on helping out our special teams this year.

  • mikepenn

    I was bummed when I saw that we didn’t draft a kicker, but clearly it’s better if we get a quality undrafted guy… based on his college production, he looks like a great snag no matter which way you slice it.

  • steve

    As a sooner fan I watched him his whole career. He came in about 1/3 through his freshman year and did a decent job. He was pretty consistant though I don’t remember him kicking any real long FG’s on a consistent basis. Stoops is a Defensive minded coach and in games they are leading which is often he opts to punt when they are actually in long FG range. I will be excited to see how Hartley does in the NFL especially in the NFL best place to kick. Cant believe Elam left, he had it made here in Denver. Best place to kick, no kickoff duties man he was crazy for leaving.

  • Cindy Huff

    I have known Garrett since he was in Jr. High and I told him in 8th grade that he was going to be a great kicker then. He kind of liked my daughter and came over during high school to watch high school sports special on Sunday evenings with my husband and myself. We love Garrett and I am so glad he is in the NFL. He will do a great job and not disappoint the fans you guys are in for a real treat!! WAY TO GO GARRETT!! Tell your mom, Cookie, I said hi.

  • alex

    mrs huff garrett was released by in july. he was a man whore and probaly used christie as well :/ tell her alex said hi.

  • alex

    also chase daniels deserves it more. he actually has a heart. way better player and person. go missouri

  • jenna

    i went to high school with garrett, and he was the most laid back, modest member of the football team. He was also goal keeper for the varsity soccer team and was apart of their state victory our freshman year. I am so happy that he has made something of his talent!!!

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