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Published on 04/26/2008 at Sat Apr 26 16:36.
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[Eddie Royal]

The Denver Broncos have made their second selection in the 2008 NFL Draft. With the 11th pick in the 2nd round (42nd overall), Denver selected wide receiver Eddie Royal out of Virginia Tech. At 5’10”, 182 lbs., Royal is as small as they come in the NFL, yet he posted some of the best numbers in the 40-yard dash (4.39 – 4th), bench press (24 – 1st), vertical jump (36.0 – 7th), and 60-yard shuffle (11.66 – 10th)among wide receivers at the combine.

The Broncos next pick is in the 4th round, which takes place tomorrow. We’ll have much more, including our opinions, in a bit!

  • kerry

    this guy will be great in the kick/punt return game. he won be a starting WR but im excited he will be our returner.

  • mark

    I got the nickname for him – Royal with cheese…

  • Kyle

    Dude! That’s PERFECT for the maybe future 1-2 punch of Eddie and BMarsh. Think about it.

  • Zappa

    I see Royal as a potential Steve Smith type player. He is more powerful in the lower body than DeSean Jackson, so I actually love this pick! :) We got our KR/PR and a future star WR. Of course, once he becomes a start WR he will no longer return kicks, so we’d be back to square one there. lol

  • mikebirty

    I like what he said after being drafted, something like, “I want to be the guy that no one wants to kick to.” Although it was tempered by accompanying it with a shot of Hester jumping over Sauerbrun.

    Royal with Cheese is going to be great. Now if only we could draft some fries with that :)

  • flbronc

    This one puzzles me a bit. We just drafted a KR/PR in the second round. I dont think that he will ever be able to make at as a WR in the NFL. I went to FSU so have played aginst him in the 05 ACC Champ Game and reg season last year- was never overly impressed with him and he never did anything against our mediocre defenses.

    Another thing that worries me is that he never led his team in recieving and never caught more than 33 balls in a season.

    I think he’ll help us out in the return game, no doubt, and we need it. I’m just wondering why we took him where we did. If we really wanted this kid, dont you think he would be available later in the second or early in the third? I couldn’t catch the second rd last night, but it seems to me that teams were looking to move- couldnt we have moved back and gotten another pick.

    This is a big wait and see pick for me, especially his use as a WR.

  • Reggie

    hey, flbronc.. In ’05, as a true sophomore, he had a pretty good game against FSU. FSU had a couple NFL players on that defense. This past season, he did not play vs. FSU.

  • Lucky aka his Big bro

    let me get two royals with cheese thats tight i like it an yes that had to best the line to come from the nfl the guy they’ll be scared to kick to…..

  • Kyle

    Hey Lucky, thanks for stopping by. Let us know if your brother is ever interested in an interview. E-mail me at :)

  • Andy H.

    If the broncos are smart, they’ll pick up Eddie Royal’s real brother, check him out on ESPN2 this monday night. He plays for the Georgia Force, #21, Chris Royal.

  • bigbruh

    Hey flbronc I guess we know what’s wrong with FSU….they obviously don’t have a keen eye for talent anymore!!!!!

  • Sandra AKA Pooh, cousin

    The best thing the NFL has layed their eyes on! WAY TO GO EDDIE! Keep up the good work, Continue to keep all the critics quiet.
    WE LOVE U!


  • Quinton

    you might actually be retarded. get ahold of your life.