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Published on 04/24/2008 at Thu Apr 24 07:38.
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As draft day approaches, BroncoTalk will be giving you game tape highlights of some of the bigger (and smaller) names around the draft. Today’s installment is the rising offensive tackle on draft boards with the funny name: Boston College Tackle Gosder Cherilus

*Note: there will be two prospect videos today to make up for the lack of one yesterday.

The first video is Gosder’s Sports Illustrated overview highlight reel.  Videos 2-4 are compressed full game highlights of the Boston College passing game showing Cherilus’ protection blocking.  The 5th and final video is the Fox Sports highlight reel on the offensive tackle.

Boston College Offensive plays vs Wake Forest Compressed

Boston College Offensive Plays vs Georgia Tech Compressed

First half offensive highlights against Michigan State

Fox Sport’s look at the offensive tackle.

  • Jordan

    Looks like a pretty good fit to me…but will he be available in Round 2?

  • Kyle

    Probably not, unfortunately. But if the Broncos trade down later into round one, he could be there for them.

  • Josh Temple

    I don’t like that he’s being projected as right tackle in the NFL. Now if he was the second tackle we selected maybe.