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Published on 04/22/2008 at Tue Apr 22 22:14.
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And for that, we give a hearty “Thank you,” Minnesota.  Jared Allen has moved on to greener pastures (and a much, much fatter wallet) after the Vikings struck a deal with KC for three 2008 draft picks.  They gave Kansas City the 17th overall selection, as well as their two third rounders (with one of those third rounders originally belonging to Denver).  The Chiefs now own six picks in the first three rounds.

I said it when the rumors were first circulating – you have to keep the talent you find, too, Kansas City.  I think this was a plain horrible move for the Chiefs.

So yeah, I couldn’t be happier!

  • Ish

    Well it’s just a shame Allen didn’t take the POS Peterson and Edwards with him!