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Published on 04/17/2008 at Thu Apr 17 14:54.
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Part two in today’s series explores reasons why the Denver Broncos should not draft an offensive tackle in the 2008 NFL Draft. Enjoy!

I’m trying to muster every bit of objectivity I can, but believe me, it’s hard. I desperately want the Broncos to take the best offensive tackle on the board when they’re on the clock next Saturday. But if there’s one solid argument against taking an OT, it’s this: the Broncos aren’t used to doing it in the past. And they’ve been successful in following a path of finding gems in the later rounds that they can develop for a few years.

The one time Mike Shanahan did address the offensive line in the first round was a well-known disaster. Tackle George Foster was drafted in the first round in 2003, and couldn’t be traded fast enough last offseason. He played well enough at times early on, but it quickly became clear he wasn’t the answer.  Would he be willing to take that risk and pay that much again?

Finally, if the Broncos have someone higher on their board when it rolls around to their turn, they’ll take him.  If Rashard Mendenhall or Jonathan Stewart or Keith Rivers is their guy, and he’s staring them in the face, they’ll take him without hesitation and count on their tried and true methods of finding offensive line help in the late rounds.

  • Doc’s Sports Predictions Guy

    Hey, great site. Solid analysis. I agree that I don’t think they need to go with an offensive lineman in the first down. This team is desperate for defense, and if Keith Rivers, by some stroke of luck, is still there they better be running to the podium. There defense was pathetic last year. And I don’t want to hear about “protecting Cutler”. If that’s the case, you sign a veteran lineman to do that.