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Published on 04/17/2008 at Thu Apr 17 08:32.
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  • Darrell Jackson‘s ready for a fresh start in Denver. [Rocky Mountain News]
  • His one-year deal is worth $1.5 million, with a possibility of another $500K in incentives. []
  • Rumors are swirling the Broncos may take RB Jonathan Stewart. [Hashmarks]
  • Has Branden Albert trumped Ryan Clady as the #2 OL on some boards? [ProFootballTalk]
  • Is the NFL ready to move back to Los Angeles? [LA Times]
  • Darren McFadden talks about his visit with the Raiders. [YardBarker]
  • It’s Tradition Tuesday at House of Georges, a Broncos-Chiefs blog and friend of BroncoTalk. And this quote was well worthy of inclusion in the Daily Links: “Every time I get a little bummed about the current state of my favorite football team, I simply glance toward our divisional rivals in KC and suddenly I’m walkin’ on sunshine. I mean, we stink, but we’re better than the Chiefs at every single position on the field save for ends of the defensive and tight variety.” Simply classic. [House of Georges]
  • NBA: Nuggets win their 50th game for the first time in 20 years. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • MLB: Colorado-based team takes it to San Diego-based team 10-2. Now if only that happened in the NFL. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Josh Temple

    I would hope the NFL is smart enough not to move a storied franchise like the Vikings to LA in a venture like this. They need to look at markets where teams are not doing well attendance wise not because the taxpayers aren’t willing to pay for a new stadium. The question is, are any teams in the NFL not doing well attendance wise right now? I’ve heard Jacksonville isn’t doing so hot right now in regards to the team loving the city and vice versa.