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Published on 04/14/2008 at Mon Apr 14 14:37.
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Lost in the hubbub surrounding Samie Parker and Darrell Jackson visiting with the Broncos was the news that Vanderbilt OT Chris Williams stopped by Denver this past weekend.  The Broncos are well known to set up smokescreens before the draft; is this another such example?  Most mock drafts these days have us picking up Williams… maybe the Broncos are just doing their due diligence, or perhaps they’re seriously scouting the former teammate of our QB.

I’ve said time and time again that Clady is our guy… if he’s gone, this would very likely be the pick.  Glad to see the Broncos are at least looking at Williams while they have the chance.  Teams are allowed to conduct personal visits with draft prospects until this Friday.

Feel free to check out our Chris Williams highlights in the meantime.