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Published on 04/12/2008 at Sat Apr 12 17:56.
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Al Wilson Hits Hard
According to the Denver Post, Denver’s former defensive captain and middle linebacker, Al Wilson, has refused an offer from the Browns. The Browns offered him $730k (which is practically the veteran minimum). And although he has failed physicals from several teams and interest in him from teams has been relatively low this off-season, Wilson still believes his five Pro Bowl nominations and leadership experience is worth more than that.

This might answer the questions many Bronco fans have asked about why Al doesn’t come home to Denver. If he is unwilling to accept a very incentive-heavy lower-pay one year contract just to prove he’s back and playing at a high level, I would seriously doubt Shanahan would be interested. On the other hand, if no other team takes a chance on Big Al this off-season, it’s not entirely crazy to think that Wilson could give Denver a call. I would certainly like to see him back in uniform somewhere and if we’re overhauling our MIKE LB slot anyway, why not have him compete for it (as long as we’re not risking too much on the deal).

  • Kyle

    It was reported about a month ago that Wilson and the Broncos are locked in arbitration over bonus money in 2006. Sadly, there’s little to no chance either side wants any part of the other now.