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Published on 04/10/2008 at Thu Apr 10 06:49.
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Slow news day so far this morning… today the DL is a bit of a mish mash, but you understand.

  • Josh Temple

    As for the Elway thing, I think the original coming out of Cutler has been misunderstood in due a large part thanks to the media. From the way I understood Jay’s press conference, he made it sound like he had already spoken to Marshall and had the same talk with him, he only commented on it by answering direct questions with direct answers. John didn’t seem to catch that same drift.

    Must not watch south park clips, wait for DVR tonight….. Looks hilarious.

    And go Avs! Good game last night, if they play like that throughout they have a good chance of going the distance. Anyone else got tickets to game 4? Gotta show some love to my other sports passion.

  • Kyle

    Dude, this episode was seriously a classic. That’s two home runs in a row for Trey and Matt.

    I’m a South Park junkie.

  • Josh Temple

    Couldn’t agree more. It’s even better when you can get all the Colorado inside baseball jokes. The Cutler episode was especially great for those. I’m dying to watch it, I was busy watching hockey playoffs last night though.