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Published on 04/09/2008 at Wed Apr 09 14:13.
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Two potential first round picks are finding their stock falling fast, and in some cases, falling completely off teams’ draft boards after it was revealed that they experimented with marijuana in their college careers. Michigan WR Mario Manningham and Kansas CB Aqib Talib have been completely removed from draft boards of “multiple NFL teams” because of these character concerns, Pro Football Weekly reports.

Talib admitted to using marijuana during the combine. Many say he didn’t take it as seriously as they would like. Manningham initially lied, but in a letter he sent to NFL teams last week, he apologized, blaming nervousness for his dishonesty.

Team sources around the league insist that Talib just doesn’t get it, and believe more trouble will come in the future. Those with a strict no tolerance policy have removed Manningham off their boards, but more teams believe he is clean now and won’t repeat in the future.

The Broncos have not been afraid to use draft picks on talented but troubled players (see Maurice Clarett, Marcus Thomas). Will they do the same this year? The article speculates that the players have likely slipped one round due to this… cornerback isn’t exactly a need for the Broncos, but would they consider drafting Manningham with their second round pick?

I hope not, but does anything surprise you these days?

  • Zapparulez

    I think that if Mario slips into the third it might be a good pick up for us if we were to trade down in the first round. I could see us pick up Bennett and Mario…that would be sweet. :)