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Published on 04/08/2008 at Tue Apr 08 09:02.
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[Mike Vanderjagt]

The Kansas City Chiefs worked out free agent kicker Mike Vanderjagt on Monday, and may consider signing him soon. In the meantime, the Broncos are also considering bringing in Vanderjagt for a workout, this according to’s John Clayton.

Working on conditioning and kicking, Vandgerjagt, 38, didn’t give up on his hopes of getting back into the NFL. The Broncos, who lost Jason Elam to Atlanta, are debating whether to bring him in for a workout. First, though, Vanderjagt will see if he gets an offer from the Chiefs.

Never been a big fan of Vanderjagt. I wouldn’t mind if the Chiefs lock him up and let us focus on drafting a kicker in the fourth or fifth round.

  • azbronco7

    I want no part of vanderjat. That guy sucks something fierce.

  • Josh Temple

    Ewww, let him go to K.C. so we can see that mouse running around the end zone with his head in his hands.

  • rjenkins

    I don’t really think you can say Vanderjagt, being the most accurate kickcr in NFL history, sucks! Give me a break!! If I’m not mistaken he kicked a 50+yarder to tie & a 50+ yarder to win in overtime against the “Broncos” when he played in Indy a few years back…IN A BLIZZARD! Let’s be realistic…if he sucks then who doesn’t?

  • Kyle

    There’s a reason he’s not in the league anymore rjenkins… he couldn’t hit a chip shot, in a dome, to send the Colts past the Steelers in 05.

  • R. Popoff

    Vanderjagt has not been signed, sadly, because the NFL is far too political. He has the best stats as a kicker and has not been signed. So what if he occassionally pisses team mates off; they play better angry anyway. You lame Indy fans can complain all you want about a missed kick; if it wasn’t for Mike the Colts would have never made it that far in the season anyway!

    Let the stats speak for themselves and let the Vandys, Owens and other great (sometimes controversial) players play!!!!!!! With the exception of QB, there is no position more nerve-racking and challenging than the K; the QB and K are judged not by their many contributions to their team but by their last play.

    Bring Vandy back…we could use the excitement and Denver could use this future Hall of Famer!