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Published on 04/04/2008 at Fri Apr 04 10:35.
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[Champ Bailey]

Yesterday, Champ Bailey went on the air of my favorite sports talk show and let loose. Really loose. In fact, I can’t ever remember Champ being that candid about his thoughts on his teammates and the front office.

I have the interview recorded and plan on giving some direct quotes a little later today, but one of the things that stood out to me was his comments on Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson.

Champ said that the Broncos need some playmakers on offense. He had a lot to say about Brandon Marshall – more on that later – but said he has a lot of faith in Jay Cutler if he has the right weapons. The radio hosts asked if he’d be interested in Johnson. Champ almost laughed as he told the hosts he’s been recruiting Chad since the Pro Bowl.

Bailey emphasized Chad’s work ethic in his comments. The hosts asked Champ if he had a problem with Ocho Cinco’s touchdown celebrations. Bailey laughed that one off too, saying “not if he scores the points.”

The Ocho Cinco situation is one big murky mess to me. I don’t get it, I don’t know why the media turned on him, and I’ve always been a fan of his. Is he a bad teammate because he dances in the end zone? No. Has he ever said he has a problem sharing the catches with T.J. Houshmandzadeh? No. The rumor that he punched coach Marvin Lewis in 2005 concerns me, but then I wonder why it’s only coming out now?

Like Bailey said, it’s “up to the front office,” but I have to admit the thought of 85 in a Broncos uni excites me. You?

  • Danh

    I would love to see 85 in Blue and Orange. A line up with Johnson, Marshall and Stokley will change the passing game!

  • Jonathan Douglas

    I doubt we have the cash or trade bate necessary for a deal of that magnitude, but just the thought of that WR trio has me thinking about what kind of RUNNING game that would open up.

    Think of all the resources opposing defenses would have to put into stopping those three guys (plus our TE’s – who aren’t too bad in the passing game either).

    It goes back to something I thought I noticed last year… Has Denver moved from an offense that runs well thus opening up the passing game, to an offense that passes so well it opens up the ground game?

    It seemed to me that happened a few times last year…. But maybe I’m wrong.

  • azbronco7

    Do it. Ocho cinco aint no stinko!

  • mikebirty

    not sure about this. Would getting 85 give us another Javon Walker? Or would this be the equivalent of the Patriots getting Moss?

    It’s a tough call. My money’s on if the Broncos sign him he’ll be a burden who’ll never be out of the news and will be cut in two years with a massive salary cap figure. Another team picks him up and they’ll have the pro bowl receiver who gets 1000 yards.

  • azbronco7

    Im with kyle. I dont know why everyone thinks Chad is such a bad apple. The media and newspapers just started talking like he was the problem. please, somebody tell me, WHAT DID HE DO?

  • Quicksilver

    listen to What HE is saying, that is what he did, just yesterday when Henry got released by the Bengals Chad got all mad that they were letting go of talent, it didn’t matter that a judge had call Henry a “a one man crime spree.” i think the problem with Chad is that he is not a leader, he is a good player and he is an outspoken guy, but that is not the same as a leader. A leader shows up to the optional practices at the beginning of the year, a leader does not beg to be cut from his team (two years in a row now), a leader does not go on ESPN and tell the world he would rather be playing in the AFL than in Cincinnati.

    The reason it worked so well for moss in New England but not in Oakland is due to the leadership on the respective teams.

    So my concern is for the leadership in our locker room, Jay is starting to step up as a leader, and i think he is doing a great job, it sounds like DJW is going to do the same, we do have some guys like Lynch and Baily who lead by example, but other than that we lack the Rod Smith, Veteran, outspoken leadership in the locker room, and i think that a guy like Chad could implode a team in as fragile a condition as we seem to be right now. He is the type of guy to undermine the beginning leadership of Cutler not the type to respect it.

    Thats what I would be concerned for, but I have to say, as far as talent goes, I see the temptation.

  • mikebirty

    Having had a cup of tea and a think about this, I’ve changed my mind slightly but not for the right reasons:-

    Champ is far and away the best player in a Bronco uniform, I say give him whatever he wants.
    Sign his brother? Check!
    Get Chad? Ok

  • hercules rockefeller

    Getting Chad Johnson is fantasy-land, pipe-dream nonsense. We have neither the money nor the players to land him. Not to mention the fact that Cincy flat isn’t going to move him.

    Plus it’s a slap in the face to the only true 85….Willie Green.

  • Josh Temple

    Chad would be an awesome weapons to have, too bad it’s a logistical impossibility. I don’t have anything against the guy. He’s one of the biggest trash talkers in the league, but you know what? He can back it up. All of his antics are in good fun, the only fines he causes are his alone. I don’t think he would be a cancer, but I do take issue that he signed a long term contract and now wants out 2 years in.

    Still you have to love a WR that sends Pepto to opposing cornerbacks a week before the game.

  • dbroncos

    While this deal would never happen i agree with AZBronco. Chad isnt that bad, he is a little out there, but not bad. I watched his interview last Sunday on ESPN and the guy was trying to get him to say something bad about his team or his coach and he wouldnt. I dont see him as a character issue kind of guy at all.


    The front office passed on T.O., traded Portis, and won’t look at Johnson all for the same reason…. The origination has always looked to create a team of people/players who carry themselves at a level which doesn’t make time for selfish players who maybe extremely talented, but will never help the team achieve the upper level big picture team goal.

  • Aerobroncos

    Well now that we have signed Jackson to a 1 year deal our chances of pickin up Chad is non-existing. Let’s not write off or forget about Marshall just yet though. Let him step up and be our number one guy like last year. He did become a force in this league and hopefully will do nothing but get better. I think Jackson is a real nice fit as our number 2 guy and of course Stockley as our slot machine 3rd wideout.

  • http://champbaileywantschadjohnsoninabroncosunifor Noah Byers

    The broncos would be really good if they had him.

  • mustangs84

    he is amazing and he clearly wants out and with walker gone we need a big play guy again we should have tried to trade walker for johnson but that obviously didnot pan out. He makes big plays and he is cocky but even the most apposed to him have to admit he is better than a randy moss or terrell owens. with Johnson, MARSHALL [a litteral beast] and Stockley we will be very solid in the air which will allow selven young to be amazing again but then again with jackson it made Johnsons chances of being a bronco almost impossible

  • NatiMike

    Bronco fans take heed, you do NOT want Chad Johnson. First off he is very unprofessional on the field. He constantly shows up Carson Palmer when they fail to hook up on a throw, making it look as if Palmer made a bad throw. He fumbled on the goal line last year and instead of entering the fray to recover the ball, he sat on the turf and pouted like a baby. There are photos to prove it. The halftime punch story during the playoff game of ’05 did not just come out, it’s been rumored ever since then that something happened. A Cleveland Browns player who used to play for the Bengals recently confirmed it. He is a childish distraction who, unfortunately, has been allowed to maintain his behavior and antics by Bengals coaches and Management. They failed miserably to keep Johnson under reins. Think about what the Bengals organization is going through right now with this guy. If you trade for him…… could be the Broncos in the same situation a couple years from now. Think about it.

  • LarryB

    Actually, I’m more interested on what Champ said about Marshall than I am about Johnson . . .