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Published on 03/18/2008 at Tue Mar 18 09:13.
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  • Two great articles detailing Broncos owner Pat Bowlen‘s opinion on the Ted Sundquist/Mike Shanahan situation.  We’ll start with the RMN, where Bowlen says that the relationship between the GM and Coach was hardly functional at all, and a change had to be made.  [Rocky Mountain News]
  • Bowlen talks about these changes in more depth, specifically mentioning the coaching staff and “bad people” in the locker room.  [Denver Post]
  • A second offer has been made to fullback Cecil Sapp.  His agent says he wants to stay in Denver, but he makes it sound like he’s getting better offers elsewhere.  [Denver Post]
  • Chris Myers talks about the trade, saying the move is definitely “bittersweet.”  [Rocky Mountain News]
  • The deal between the Raiders and Atlanta for DeAngelo Hall actually never went through (thanks ESPiN)… some are saying the deal might be dead, but this Raiders insider believes otherwise.  [Inside the Oakland Raiders]
  • Josh Temple

    Thanks for the catch Kyle. It always surprises me how much spotty reporting ESPiN (I like this) gets away with. They did say in was in principal, but the body of the article made it sound like the deal was a lock.