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Published on 03/14/2008 at Fri Mar 14 09:01.
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[Mike Shanahan]

  • Great read about life at the top for Mike Shanahan, and what the recent firings mean for the Broncos organization. The bottom line (figuratively, and literally in this article) – “Whatever happens, it’s going to be Shanahan’s way. It’s worked before.” [Denver Post – Photo Courtesy]
  • Meanwhile, Shanahan is still taking some pointed criticism for the moves. [Rocky Mountain News]
  • Chris Myers escaped the jaws of Texas without a contract offer.  [Denver Post]
  • Nice look at the kick/punt returners available in this April’s draft.  [Rocky Mountain News]
  • Josh Temple

    That’s some intense Text Photo shopping they get over there at the Post.

    I think that at least the media, not sure if teams do this, evaluate returner talent the wrong way. All they look at are combine stats, speed, strength and how they performed in college. If I were picking returners (which I’m not) the thing that would stand above the rest is field and block vision. Which returner knows how to read his blocks like a great running back and make great upfield cuts to break into the opening. Coupled with his speed this is what makes Hester dangerous. You’ll have freaks of nature like Dante Hall that only need one *cough clip cough* to break them and they can make 5 guys miss. But I don’t know have many times I’ve seen returners have 3 options for lanes and always take the worst route of the 3. Say one will net about a 10yrd return past the point of block, the 2nd will get you 25 and a sure tackle and the third requires hitting it quick, out running a defender 10 yrds away and juking the remaining kicker out his pants. Yet invariably we see many returners pick route 1 or 2 at best. I’m done with my rant now. :P

  • Kyle

    Can’t you just tell that image was top and center on the Denver Post Sports Section of the actual paper this morning?