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Published on 03/14/2008 at Fri Mar 14 00:17.
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[Al Wilson]Al Wilson has filed a grievance against the Denver Broncos regarding the neck injury he sustained in November 2006, the Denver Post reports. The suit claims that Wilson was not properly informed by the Broncos’ physicians of the seriousness of his condition, stating that he further aggravated his ailment by playing in the following 3 games.

Article XLIV of the Collective Bargaining Agreement states that any such diagnosis must be related to the player in writing. The case for the grievance is already a week into its proceedings, with more testimony to follow.

Had Wilson been made aware of the seriousness of his condition, he claims he would have avoided further injury and ready to play in 2007. He is suing the Broncos for his 2007 base salary of several million dollars.

More gut wrenching news from Broncos camp. I clearly remember the Broncos saying they were surprised that Wilson failed his Giants physical… claiming their physicians cleared him might be their only chance to escape this.

Wilson’s chances of a return with Denver were already slim to none… now they’re jjust a lot closer to none.

  • Josh Temple

    This makes me an even sadder panda. I think Al is a little frustrated right now, because physicals are keeping him from landing big free agent contract and all he wants to do is play football again.

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    I think Orton is a good game-manager type qb. He does what he needs to
    do to win games (well obviously except the last 2 weeks).
    Unfortunately, there are going to be days against great teams (like
    Pittsburgh) when managing the game is not enough. We need to find a
    breakout QB and draft him. I am not sure who at this point, but Sam
    Bradford and Tim Tebow come to mind.  Thanks for info.