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Published on 02/01/2008 at Fri Feb 01 11:41.
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  • What do actor Paul Newman, tennis star Serena Williams, country singer Martina McBride, and American Idol judge Randy Jackson all have in common? They, along with several dozen others, picked the Super Bowl. [Rocky Mountain News]
  • If the Patriots win, are they really the best ever? [Rocky Mountain News]
  • For professional athletes, when it comes down to a choice between The Big Game and living comfortably in the future, there really isn’t a choice. [Denver Post]
  • Kevin Everett will watch the Super Bowl as Roger Goodell‘s special guest. [Denver Post]
  • The Broncos 2nd G.O.A.T. is having visions of a Giants win. [Denver Post]
  • Feel free to stop back in.  Jon, Earl and I will have our breakdown and picks for the game a little later!
  • MB

    The Chargers are coming to London. It’s gonna be interesting to see if they can fit Rivers’ ego inside of Britain, we’re only tiny!

    It’s almost going to be worth the five hours each way just to heckle him.