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Published on 01/28/2008 at Mon Jan 28 17:32.
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Last offseason Jay Cutler and the Denver Broncos collectively took between one and two months off before heading back into the training room in preparation for the upcoming season. That may seem like a long time, but it’s hard to blame them – with the untimely death of Darrent Williams fresh on everyone’s mind and an inexperienced group of core players, no one knew how to start out the 2007 offseason.

This year, though, Cutler and company are already back in action.

In a recent interview with Sporting News Radio, Jay indicated that he is already training for 2008 in Atlanta. With him are teammates Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler. Cutler also said “a few other guys” have been there with them, and that this group only took two weeks off.

Cutler also talked candidly about Javon Walker, saying that Walker sounds like he has his own agenda and Head Coach Mike Shanahan isn’t one to put up with that.

The Monday Night Football Crew first broke the story that Cutler and company would be working out in Atlanta; I’m pleasantly surprised they’ve already been at it for a week now. Hopefully paying attention to “the little things” and giving that extra effort will pay dividends in the 2008 season.