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Published on 01/17/2008 at Thu Jan 17 05:29.
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Heimerdinger Gone? [Image: Denver Post]

The Denver Post is reporting that there are more coaching changes on the way for Denver this off-season. Mike Heimerdinger has been granted permission to interview with Jeff Fisher in Tennessee for an expanded Offensive Coordinator position. As we all know, Mike Shanahan and Jeff Fisher are close friends and Heimerdinger came to Denver from the Titans when Kub left. However, the news that Heimerdinger is returning to Tennessee strikes me as odd. His current position of Assistant Head Coach, is nearly as high as you can get as a coordinator so it seems unlikely this move would be for a better title. One of the reasons is that he wants more control of the total offense (we all know Shanahan is the major play caller in Denver). It might also be a good move for his future — as Fisher has talked for the last few years about retiring or leaving Tennessee. Regardless of the reasoning, Heimerdinger is all but out of Denver.

“The opportunity in Tennessee would give Mike the chance to go back to an organization and work with a head coach with whom he is very familiar, handling the entire offense and having full control over game-planning and play-calling responsibilities,”
— Mike Shanahan 1/16/08

So, Mike Shanahan has now lost both his Offensive and Defensive assistant coaches. And like his move on the Defensive side (promoting from within), the Post is reporting that it’s possible that Denver will expand the role of Jim Bates‘ son, Jeremy Bates. Jeremy Bates is a fast rising assistant coach that has worked very well with Jay Cutler and our stable of young receivers over the last year in his position as QB and WR coach.

With Rick Dennison still overseeing the running game and O-line, the Post suggests an interesting scenario for 2008. In this scenario, Shanahan would do the playcalling with Rick advising on the ground game and Jeremy advising on the passing game. I’m not sure how that would work, but it’s an interesting idea.

Another possibility being considered is bringing in former UCLA head coach Karl Dorrell (he served as Denver’s receiver’s coach from 2000-02).

FULL STORY [Denver Post]

So, Broncos fans… What do you make of this and what would you like to see happen in the Offensive staffing for 2008?

  • Kyle

    Any change to offensive coaching is a potential step back for Jay Cutler. I still remember Shanny saying that Plummer had so much success in 2005 because it was his third year in the system. He said it takes three years to be able to perform at an exceptional level in the system.

    Needless to say I was pretty excited for Jay Cutler in 2008.

    But because Shanahan runs the offense and calls the plays, the hit is minimized. This basically is a promotion for Heimy, so good luck and congratulations to him and all that.

    Heimerdinger was our wide receivers coach during the Super Bowl years. Our receivers played extremely well for the second year in a row. Also for the second year in a row, the expected #1 WR (Rod Smith in 06, Javon Walker in 07) wasn’t able to play to their level.

    In the end I don’t think this will be a step back, but changes like that usually prevent young players from taking as big of a step forward had the coach stayed.

  • http://broncotalk Elias J.

    Get someone to help Shanahan get out of the playbook and get into the game. Many times in 2007, he was so wrapped around looking at pictures, plans, etc. that it does not seem he is emotionally into what is going on, on the field. Don’t expect him to step outside of his personality boundaries but his personal demeanor attaches to the team and this year for many games —- they were not emotionally “there”.