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Published on 01/01/2008 at Tue Jan 01 07:09.
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“It is time for me to move on. I am completely sure this is the right thing to do.”
— Matt Lepsis 1/1/08

More surprises this morning as Matt Lepsis announces his retirement [DENVER POST]. I’m sure you’ll see some posts on this by Earl, Kyle and myself as we get past the holiday’s (and recover from our hang-overs). But I did want to put up at least something on this news.

Also… I noticed in the article that Matt Lepsis made this comment: “I’ve just turned into a huge Broncos fan.”

Hey, Matt, there’s a great fan blog called that would welcome another fanatic Bronco fan to our writing staff (hint, hint)

  • broncobilly32

    Hey Jonathan, how about a tribute to Lepsis! You guys wrote a great one for Rod Smith, but with Lepsis and that killer line, TD and company would not have had all the success they have had. So, a tribute to Lepsis would be nifty.

    Matt, you rule! We will miss you, thanks for all the great memories and anchoring that line.

    Broncos for life.

  • Jonathan Douglas


    Good idea!

    I think you’ll see several (and by several I mean LOTS) of posts this offseason revolving around the O-line. We’ll be covering things like the departure of Lepsis and the return of Nalen and Hamlton. Both Kyle and I take quite a bit of pride in the our guys up front and cover all things ‘line-related’ very closely. They may not be in the celebrity spotlight, but we give them a lots of love here on BroncoTalk.

    I might also mention that we love our fullbacks over here as well. That’s another position that’s often not highlighted in the national media. However, I think TD would tell you that his yardage was a product of both the O-line and Howard Griffin… oh, then some talent on his part. :)

  • broncobilly32

    Excellent, thanks Jonathan. I like how you guys give props to the O-line, those guys are meat eaters and truly have made pro bowlers out of many a RB.

    Bronco talk rules and Broncos for life.