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Published on 12/26/2007 at Wed Dec 26 11:33.
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Most fans, including myself, were pretty livid at Philip Rivers and company jawing over at the Broncos, particularly Jay Cutler, in Monday Night’s game. Video below:

Then I remember that Rivers sucks. Completely carried by the best running game in football and a defense that is returning to form. Rivers is only along for the Chargers’ ride.

To me, he’s all bark and no bite. I picture a Chihuahua (Rivers) barking at a young Rottweiler (Cutler). It kinda makes me laugh, knowing Rivers is just as delusional as that tiny dog who thinks he can back up all his jawing. Just wait until that big dog grows up, Rivers – you’ll be paying for your comments for years to come.

Rivers sucks, he knows it. He can’t back up any of his talk, and in the end, he’ll look all the more pathetic for it.

(Video H/T Signal to Noise)

  • Benetto

    Where were all these Chargers fans 4-5 years ago? Freakin jokes. The Chargers won’t always have LT…And I bet these fake fans will vanish as soon as they start fielding less than 3-4 wins a season like they are used to…

  • broncobilly32

    I can’t wait to kick Charger butt next year. Rivers is a girl, I like how he has his playmates around him as he talks his double dutch smack. Just wait Ms. Rivers, you will get yours next year when MR. Dumervil comes around your blind side…

    Broncos for life.

  • mb

    yeah, notice how he didn’t say anything till cutler was the width of pitch away from him and he had two of his mates guarding him and was already out of the game so he didn’t have to go anywhere near the defense.

    There was only one quarter back behaving like a baby in that match.

  • Rick

    Why can’t you Bronco’s fan stop WHINING. You got spanked and you know it. Quit calling names, quit calling for revenge. Face some facts:
    1. You got soundly swept by the Chargers
    2. You should have been swept by the Raiders (lucky)
    3. Your vaunted running game disappeared (O-line)?
    4. Your defense was easy to run on ( fargus, Tomlinson, Tom, Dick or Hairy) Didn’t matter who was carring the ball.
    5. Too Too many mistakes, penalties etc.
    6. Time to admit. System is old, Shannie needs to GO.
    Oh Yea….Cutler will continue to turn you into frustrated maniacs….

  • David

    When Rivers was at NC State he broke nearly all the passing records in school history… as a freshman he was more poised than some juniors and seniors. He got better each year and we have yet to recover after he graduated.

    As for the trash talking, I don’t know that I ever saw this before from him. I don’t know whether he did anything wrong or not… the video doesn’t show what happened before that situation. As anyone can tell you, by the selection of the video clip you can shape the perception of the people who watch it. I’m not a big fan of thuggery by anyone, but the clip doesn’t prove to me that anything happened. Go Redskins!

  • Crosshare

    Way to go Chargers. Give us a reason to hate you. The Chargers were always the team in the division we played that there was no passion about. Raiders yes, Chiefs yes, Chargers and Seahawks not so much. So you outplayed us and beat us up on a down year. It would be smart to just shut up and take the wins, but going into the off season you have given us motivation. Don’t wake the sleeping dragon? Now we have a rivalry, and any team, no matter what the talent level is, will pump themselves up for a true rivalry. The game is afoot.

  • Rick

    Why should the Chargers shut up and take the wins? Why do you need any more motivation? You need to shut up and take the LOSS…You will not be winning anytime soon. Next year you will be beaten down again by the Chargers and the up coming Raiders. So learn to lose. Put your jerseys in the closet and realize that your team is not very good NOW!!! The Bronco’s were bullies with truck load of brash trash talking….NOW you hate the Chargers…for the same stuff you have been throwing around the league. Salute Sarge….

  • Crosshare

    It’s sad when people have nothing better to do than troll on foreign comment threads. You’re pathetic.

  • Rick

    Ok, I’m sorry…..I am pathetic

  • broncobilly32

    Thanks for the admission Rick. I am sure you are enjoying this little ride your Chargers are on. It won’t last, like Shottenheimer’s coaching tenure. Good luck in the post season, you’ll need it. Remember last year? Great record, and sorry post season…history loves repeating itself.

    one and done.

  • Chargers rock

    you all are just jealous cuz we swept you. well win the division next year too. we are going to beat the titans, then the colts then the pats and well win the superbowl

  • Matt

    Face it boys, the chargers are better than the broncos. Rivers is better than Cutler. but that doesnt mean there isnt room for optimism, maybe next year you guys will magae a touchdown agaist us. Enjoy the playoffs chumps, i know i will.

  • broncobilly32

    oh to dream…the chargers will be going home to join the rest of the AFC west on the couch to watch the Super Bowl before the Super Bowl…Colts and Pats.

  • dj

    This was uncharacteristic of Mr. Rivers. By all accounts he is good to his community, has been generous to his alma maters, and is a devout Catholic who has lifted his family up with his own fortune(s). I am not yet ready to call him a Raider at heart, though he acted like one that night – even he said after the game that was uncharacteristic of him. And if one remembers even John Lynch, another stand out class guy who has been as good to his alma maters, community, is a devout Catholic and is just as devoted to his family, went ‘tard in that game with LT’s helmet to which Lynch later regretted tot he media.

    That all said, you can not compare Rivers to Cutler. here’s why:
    Rivers has an A to A- o-line, Cutler has a C- line at best
    Rivers has an A+ tend end corp, Cutler has a C tight end corp at best
    Rivers has an A++ running back corp (including full back), Cutler has a C running back corp at best, and without Young it is a D level group
    Only at wide outs does Denver have an edge and if we loose Walker I think they will then be even, Rivers has a C+ level WO group, Cutler, B+
    Of arm strength and mobility Rivers has a C level arm strength, with A- level accuracy and touch, whereas Cutler has A+ level strength, A level touch, and B level accuracy.

    And yet, Cutler puts up equal, if not better, stats to Mr. Rivers all the while with less talent around him to do so. In that regard Cutler is the better QB. Time will prove this current situation will remain so all things being equal (no injuries).

    That being said y’all did beat us up…but then that is the way of things…everything comes full circle and while I take these beatings with a turning of the head and a bit of nausea in my stomach I can take solace in the fact that for San Diego it is about the now…there is no future whereas for the Broncos it is about the future and not the now…that…and those two SB wins…how many do the Charges have again???? Oh that’s right…


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  • Chargers are fakes

    Philip Rivers is a high school punk who fortunately has enough decent players on his team to get past his inadequacies. Lets all remember that he is in his 2nd year as a real player and only has his big mouth to gain him press. I really think that someone in New England (Junior, are you listening!!) needs to put a hit on him like Carson Palmer got a few years ago. That and no press is what he deserves and should shut his dumb a$$ up!!

  • broncobilly32

    Fill Up Rivers was at it again, demonstrating the class act that he is. ESPN was chastising him for his “sportsmanlike conversations” with the fans in Indy. SD gets credit for going to INDY and beating the Colts, however, Fill UP was on the sidelines watching the 2nd string guy do the all the work. hahahahh!

  • longtime charger fan

    what happened to your broncos??? where is cutler now??? where is rivers and the chargers??? enough said

  • HAHA

    Haha, ya seriously, The Borncos suck, and the eality is now that…yes…I know…50 years in the making… the reality is that the chargers are probably going to win the superbowl this year, its just too bad abut my vikings. We wll get lucky next year thoug. Farve rules!
    and Rivers is a prodigy, he will be the top QB by next year, ask Farve, he is the one who said it.

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