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Published on 11/30/2007 at Fri Nov 30 11:39.

  • Full practices all for Travis Henry, Selvin Young, Brandon Stokley, and Javon Walker, all of whom should be ready to play Sunday. [Mason’s Morsels]
  • Henry decision to reportedly come today. Heard that one before… [Rocky Mountain News]
  • Following logic, though, wouldn’t that make Henry innocent? My thoughts: No, not necessarily. You contradicted yourself, there, Klis. If Al Davis is going to cause a ruckus over a guilty back playing, the league would be inclined to suspend Henry today. [Denver Post]
  • Sauerbrun is still getting grief over Sunday (and rightfully so). Yet he says he has not regrets?! [Denver Post]
  • Excellent news. Three people have been detained in the Sean Taylor shooting. [Rocky Mountain News]