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Published on 10/31/2007 at Wed Oct 31 10:55.
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Injustice is the only word that one can use when you consider the Denver Broncos currently enshrined in the Hall of Fame.  That’s because there is only one, the obvious inclusion of John Elway.

Four former Broncos are on the preliminary list of candidates for the Hall of Fame.  Terrell Davis is eligible for his second year and is on the list; Gary Zimmerman, having been very close several times, returns to the candidate list; Randy Gradishar and his 2,000 tackles in 10 seasons has returned to the list, and cornerback Louis Wright completes the Broncos to be considered.

I had listed five Broncos who absolutely belong in the Hall of Fame during the offseason, which consisted of the first 3 names, along with Floyd Little and Steve Atwater.  Let’s hope the voting committee can take their first step to righting this wrong by enshrining one of these Broncos this year.  With a generally weak year of first-balloters (Cris Carter and Darrell Green headline the list, neither of which I would say are sure-fire first-ballot winners), we have a good chance to get one or even two of these guys in.