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Published on 10/20/2007 at Sat Oct 20 05:34.

  • Haven’t you ever watched a sci-fi movie? Humans are “special” because they have one thing – hope (simultaneously the source of our greatest strength and our greatest weakness or something like that). Hard to come by in Denver these days (caution to virgin ears). – Orange Bucksnorts
  • Champ Bailey is listed as questionable, but said if he had to go on Friday he would have. Javon Walker‘s knee surgery will leave him out 4-6 weeks. – Mason’s Morsels
  • Inside Slant on the team – USA Today
  • How momentum affects a team in sports – Rocky Mountain News
  • Tight end Stephen Alexander is waiting on word from Denver regarding his future plans with the Broncos. If the news isn’t good, he says he’ll retire. – Rocky Mountain News
  • Simeon Rice does some more pissing and moaning. What a baby. – Denver Post
  • I’ve completely gotten over the birdie incident of years ago. Plain and simple, I’ve got love for Jake Plummer, and his latest escapades in handball put a goofy smile to my face. – Denver Post
  • Cultural oddsmaker gives the odds for the next person to get banned from Monday Night Football. He’s got John Elway at 3/1. Any takers? Anyone? – Deadspin