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Published on 10/04/2007 at Thu Oct 04 23:47.
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[Travis Henry]

If you haven’t heard the news regarding Travis Henry and his recently failed drug test, scroll down or check out the summary here. He’s now suing the league over a technicality in the testing procedure, and the league has sidestepped the temporary restraining order. Now it’s up to a federal court to look over the Collective Bargaining Agreement and determine if the specimen will hold up in a court of law.

That’s not the most pressing issue here. The real question is this – HOW FREAKING STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO SMOKE A JOINT TWO WEEKS TOO SOON?!

The NFL’s Substance Abuse Policy is pretty simple – first violation is a warning, second violation incurs a four-game suspension, and third incurs a year’s suspension. The policy also includes a provision for violating players to be rotated out of the system after two years. Clean slate after two years’ good behavior. Henry was last suspended for four games in September, 2005, after the third game of the season. One report indicated that he would be rotated out of the substance abuse program after week 3 of this season. Another report indicates that his rotation out of the drug program would have taken place on October 1st.

Henry filed his papers to restrain the league from using his sample on September 20, indicating that he had to have puffed the magic dragon some time before that. But he played in the Broncos’ Week 3 bout against the Jaguars on September 23. Whichever report is more accurate (and given ESPN’s recent track record, I’d trust the former), it doesn’t matter – Henry was at least a week early in toking up.

Frankly, what a moron. What a disappointment. As a Broncos fan, it simply pisses me off. He talked about the excitement of joining the Denver Broncos, yet he blew this opportunity the moment he put a joint to his lips.

After nearly two years of sobriety, and leading the league in rushing yards through four games, he was days away from being in the clear, and he blew it. It’s just plain stupid, selfish, and nothing short of a betrayal to the coaches, players, and fans who accepted him in Denver. Whether he wins his case or not, I couldn’t care less – this level of stupidity belongs nowhere on the football field, especially not my team’s.

  • Mike Pennington

    Does our friend still get all $12Mill if he gets suspended? You gotta know that the league is going to tap you one last time before you rotate out of their substance abuse list… that was truly a boneheaded error on Henry’s part… and yet another nasty complication for our season.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    No, and there are nine women with nine of Henry’s babies that are REALLY pissed he’s not going to get paid this year.

    What an ass.

  • Kyle

    It is believed that Shanahan and company included some sort of substance abuse violation clause in the contract that would allow the team to go after some money they paid Henry.

    Specific dollar amounts paid, owed, etc. – no one really knows.

  • Noah

    What’s wrong with him smoking a couple j’s? These dudes get ridiculously beat up, injected with every known ‘legal’ substance under the sun after the game to take away their pain, and then the NFL fines and suspends them when they want to relax and have a puff?! WTF is wrong with that? The NFL is f’n retarded. So amateur.

  • Josh Byers

    I really could care less about bonus money they go after (unless it saves them against the cap), if suspended this screws the entire season. I’m right with you Kyle – we were all excited to give this guy a chance but he blew it…good riddance Travis.

  • Beaz

    “After nearly two years of sobriety…” Riiiiight.

  • Jonathan Douglas


    Without stating my specific stance on pot, I’ll say instead that I believe heavily in personal freedoms.

    However, when you sign a legal contract with an employer (even if the rules are BS), you MUST follow them. I don’t think anyone here is bashing Henry for simply smoking. We’re ticked because he broke his employment contract and will likely end up costing us both time and energy (and probably too much money).

    This is straight up a case of an employee violating his contract. And for the third time, I might add.

    Grow up Travis.

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