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Published on 10/05/2007 at Fri Oct 05 11:54.
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As you all know I’m heading to Denver tomorrow and plan on attending our game versus the Chargers. So, in honor of getting to see my first Broncos home game, I’ll list some of the things I’m looking forward in regard to the experience of attending the game.

For those of you looking for an insightful player and/or coaching preview you’ll have to rely on Kyle and Earl this week. :)

1. Shopping!– Packing with plenty of room!
If you are satellite fan like me, you probably run into the same issue when it comes to buying your Bronco-related clothes and accessories — you can’t find any. I’m sad when I walk into our local department stores only to find rack after rack of Tennessee Titans and UT Vols merchandise. That’s expected as those teams are the local franchises; however, I get frustrated because I KNOW that in Denver these racks would be filled of Orange & Blue.

Many of you remote fans probably shop for your Bronco-fix like I do – either ebay or the authorized NFL online shops. However, these are extremely expensive. I mean, I’m just not the type of guy that buys $75 polo shirts.

So, I’m looking forward to some thrifty shopping in Denver. Heck, I might even try to hit some thrift stores to find some old jerseys or championship t-shirts or baseball hats (you can never have too many of those!). I’d love to come back with so much Denver Broncos stuff I can’t fit it all into the suitcase! :)

I also have my office at work to think about. I’d love to fill my office with tons of goofy Denver Broncos stuff!

2. All-for-One– Strength in numbers.
If you’re from Denver and/or go to games regularly you probably won’t get this one…

Out in the rest of the world, us Denver fans are the odd ones out. When my WHOLE company office (350 people) got to dress down for a charity day here in Knoxville, I was the only one with Blue & Orange on. The rest of the throng wore Vol’s orange and white. And when I go to my favorite family sports bar to catch a game not on the local cable channels I’m often the only person in a room full of sports fans cheering for the Broncos.

So, this weekend I’m looking forward to being in the majority for once! I’m looking forward to NOT having to explain why I’m a fan of the Denver Broncos in Knoxville. I look forward to being just another number in a sea of Orange & Blue. I look forward to being like everyone else, rather than the odd guy out… It will be a nice change. :)

3. Making-up with Miles – Can it be done?
As some of you know from my time at MyDenverObsession, I ended up getting myself in a bit of a tiff with our mascot Miles. I posted a rather nasty blog entry about my thoughts on Miles. I was not kind and it wasn’t long before word of my rant reached Miles. Now Miles has his own blog… don’t ask. And he wrote a rather scathing retort to my post. If you read either post you’ll see that I apologized for the rude nature of the post, although my position on mascots in general hasn’t changed.

One of my missions while in Denver is to find Miles and get a nice picture of two of us making up… I still don’t like mascots, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. :)

4. Celebrity Stalking?– probably not
I’m not big on celebrity watching and I’m even less into autographs. I’m a fan of the game and I love my Denver Broncos, but having a player (who doesn’t know me from Adam) sign something in passing isn’t the keepsake I really want. I understand that signatures add value to collectibles – but I since don’t collect collectibles I fail to see the point. Not to mention, I find the act of selling merchandise that has been signed or personalized kinda scummy.

On the other hand, I would love to bump into Andrew Mason or any of my fellow fan bloggers while out in the big D. I’ve at least corresponded with them and I think it would be neat to finally meet up face-to-face and chat if there’s time.

So, unless you count Andrew Mason as a celebrity, I’m probably going to skip any player stalking and just watch the game. :)

5. The Stadium Experience– Live is better!
There are many things that distinguish the stadium experience from watching at home. But one of the signature Mile High stadium traditions would be the home crowd chanting IN-COM-PLETE after failed passes by the opponent. I’ll be cheering hard for Rivers to throw a bad pass often so I can contribute!

Also, seeing Thunder run across the field with the large Denver flag will be cool. I’ve seen clips on TV, but the real thing has to be cool. I lived in Tampa for three years and although you might see the pirate ship cannons fire off on TV, you have NO IDEA how loud those things are until you’re there!

On a sad note, I understand that the barrel man is no longer donning the barrel any more for health reasons. I’m sad that I missed my chance to see him in all his glory! :(

AND AS ALWAYS I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO A WIN: Come guys, I don’t want my first home game to be anything but a blow-out win! :)

Go Broncos!

-Jonathan Douglas

  • Kyle

    I hadn’t seen your escapades with Miles before… that is simply hilarious stuff.

    Give my best to Andrew if you do meet up with him, Jonathan, have a safe trip and help our fans scare the CRAP out of them Chargers! Go Broncos!

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Are you serious about missing the Miles stuff? OMG it was CRAZY! It made the front page of the Yahoo!Sports Fan page and even the blog section of ESPN.

    Can you tell it was the off-season or what?! :)

    Luckly, the season has started now and the hate-mail from Mascot-lovers around the world has all but ended.

    Thank goodness for Football Season!

  • Crosshare

    Good luck on your trip to Denver Jonathan. I’m a season ticket holder, so I’ll be up there with ya on Sunday. (I’m also going to be rooting for the Rox Sat. night at Coors) I would recommend that you head to the parking lot off of the South Stands to see all the hardcore fans or anybody semi famous. The player’s private parking lot is out there too, so if you’re early enough you can see them come in and go into the tunnel. For shopping, try some of the big local sports chains. Gart’s used to be the best for cheap Broncos gear, don’t know if Sports Authority is holding that up anymore. Go Broncos, kill the Chargers!

  • hercules rockefeller

    Welcome to town, man. Hopefully your first Bronco game will be a Bronco win. Mine was.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Herc, are you heading to the game this weekend? If you’ll be near the stadium you should drop me a line and we’ll hook up for a drink or something.

  • MileHigh

    Bring your jacket. Rain coming in overnight Saturday. Chance of some rain/snow mix on Sunday.

  • hercules rockefeller

    No, this one and the GB game are the two I couldn’t get a ticket for.

    I live downtown so I can get together and tank a couple down. Shoot me an email – and I’ll give you my phone no.

  • ChampSB3233

    It’s going to be insane downtown this weekend, especially if the Rockies lose Saturday. Road race in the morning. Broncos at 2:15. Avalanche at 5. Rockies at 8.

  • Crosshare

    It’s a good insane though Champ. I love our sports city!

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Milehigh, that should be enough of an excuse to buy a Denver Broncos coat while I’m out there! :)

    Champ, Yeah that’s kinda what I thought. I’m actually gonna stay downtown. I have a rental car, but the hotel is like 3 miles from the stadium. I might cab it.

    So, when and where do the tail-gaters hang out?

  • Crosshare

    Like I posted above, seems like the bigger tailgaters hang out in the South Parking lots and there’s soom big parties in the Northwest corner lots too.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Crosshare, if the game is at 2:15 what time do the fans start ‘gating? I don’t mind getting there super-early if there’s some breakfast grilling going on! :)

  • Crosshare

    I can’t remember off the top of my head. I think the Broncos website has the parking lot open times. It’s sometime between 9-11 if I remember correctly. I think most tailgaters start about 11 from what I’ve seen. I’m usually up there between 12-1 so I’m not the best source.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    I think I’ll have to post a picture of myself in my Denver-game-gear before Sunday morning, so you all can recognize me on sight. I mean, it’s not like there won’t be like a billion people there but, heck, we might run into each other! :)

  • ChampSB3233

    Parking lots open five hours before kickoff, so 9:15 a.m.
    No need to drive to the stadium to pay the parking fees. Take the bus (very cheap), take the light rail (very cheap) or go to the Sports Column (20th and Blake, next to Coors Field), watch the early games (get there by 10:30 or so) and take the free bus shuttle to the stadium, though you need a receipt for buying stuff from the Sports Column (I go there to watch games, but won’t be there this week). They’ll bring you back too. First bus goes about noon, so you can soak up the atmosphere of Invesco. Going to be an AMAZING weekend out here.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Thanks for everyone’s feedback!

    I’m heading off to catch my plane. I’ll post once I land.

    Have a great Saturday!

  • Jonathan Douglas

    I have arrived in Denver! I have checked into my hotel – which offers free shuttle service to the stadium (solving that little problem). I’m awaiting my ticket and will be off to do some shopping soon!

    On a side note, just because the rental car place is called E-Z rentals does not mean it will actually be easy or quick. If my 2 hour rental car experience is standard for their service, I will need to leave my hotel Monday morning around 5am to catch my 9am flight.

    Not that I’m complaining – I’m in Denver, baby! :)