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Published on 10/04/2007 at Thu Oct 04 06:06.
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  • Chargers blogger breaks down our team and how the Chargers could win and could lose. Really good stuff. – BoltTalk
  • Broncos change cast, but so far story remains the same – Sign On San Diego
  • If only the Chargers had pursued Mike Martz as their head coach. Plus, Giants GM Ernie Accorsi is getting the last laugh. – Sign On San Diego
  • Fellow blogger and BroncoTalk frequenter Mr. Hercules Rockefeller posts his thoughts on Ricky Williams advocating marijuana in Denver. Funny stuff. – Orange Bucksnorts
  • Fantasy Football, anyone? This is why I pay my money for this service – despite missing Anquan Boldin, Javon Walker, Brian Westbrook and Clinton Portis due to injury and a bye week, this fantasy pro still pulls out a win with an amazing bench. – Fantasy Guru
  • Lions WR Roy Williams has finally learned to tip the pizza man. I guess I don’t hate him anymore. – Detroit Free Press