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Published on 10/02/2007 at Tue Oct 02 09:25.
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Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler has been put under the microscope on the field. As a Denver quarterback, expectations are high, and nothing fulfills expectations like a solid win. Now that the team is on a two game losing skid, you would think everyone would be focusing on the interceptions or the red zone struggles, and start pinning it on Cutler.

Instead, everyone has their panties in a bunch over Cutler’s personality.

Frankly, I couldn’t care less, as long as it’s not a distraction in the locker room. So far it hasn’t been, and articles like this from Woody Paige are trying to make news rather than find it.

Talk about Cutler playing golf with his shirt off (egads, chest hair and an abdomen!)… How he only left a 5% tip at some hoity-toity restaurant (I guess bad service couldn’t possibly be to blame?)… Paige said in a recent live chat that the club had Elway talk to Cutler about being a role model in the community.

Last time I checked, Cutler had already formed The Jay Cutler Foundation. Last time I checked, Cutler spent most of his offseason giving back to his community. Last time I checked, Cutler wasn’t being accused of sexual harrassment, Woody Paige!

Paige is from Tennessee, and has always had a hard-on for Peyton Manning. He says he thinks Cutler should aspire to be Manning in his off field pressers, taking more responsibility for what happens on the field. Give me a freaking break.

If I ever hear Cutler say “Aw shucks, I’m only as good as these guys make me” I might puke. Good PR is one thing, outright freaking ass-kissing is another. I’d rather have my quarterback frustrated by a loss than apologetic. I’d rather him care about the wins and losses than focusing on what to say afterwards.

He’s growing into becoming the face of a franchise and a city, and if these media types are already skewering him for saying (admittedly in a neutral tone) “I run what’s called” then they’re going to ruin this kid before we have the chance to see what he can really do.