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Published on 09/26/2007 at Wed Sep 26 07:17.
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  • The Broncos may be headed to Edmonton, Canada for a game against the New England Patriots in 2008. Pats, not Broncos, would lose the home game. – Edmonton Sun
  • Due diligence or knee jerk desperation? The Broncos worked out 5 defenders on Tuesday. – Rocky Mountain News
  • Jay Cutler looks like he’ll play through the pain, but John Lynch may not be able to. At least Foxy says he’ll be ready for Indy. – Denver Post
  • Unless your ears have been removed for crimes in a third world country, definitely check out MHR Radio, pretty much the only Broncos fan podcast out there, tonight. – Mile High Report
  • Ashley Lelie has settled with the Broncos front office to the tune of $440,000. Now if only he can find his way off the 49ers bench. – Denver Post
  • Did you draft Ladainian Tomlinson first overall in your fantasy draft? Been dreaming of ways to kill Norv Turner? Here’s 10 of them. – Epic Carnival