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Published on 09/04/2007 at Tue Sep 04 12:01.
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To all the fans of other teams who come across this site and accuse me of not being objective or of being a homer:

Damn straight.

I try to be as objective as possible, but I’m still wearing sunglasses every time I write for this blog. One lens is orange, the other blue, and I offer no apologies.

The Broncos are ready for a special season this year, the first under the helm of new quarterback Jay Cutler, behind the running game of Travis Henry, and defended by one of the best cornerback tandems in NFL history. We are a good team; we’re going to win a lot of games. I’ve been thinking about the upcoming season, and I have a lot of predictions I felt like getting out there.

And as the title says, these are bold predictions. Here we go (really in no particular order for the most part).

1. Travis Henry rushes for over 1,600 yards

And 12 touchdowns.

2. Jay Cutler breaks a franchise record or two.

[Jay Cutler]

Who knows what. Last year he was the first rookie quarterback in the league to have at least two touchdowns in his first four starts. There are franchise records to be broken, too, and with a full year under the helm I could see Cutler breaking a yardage record or a touchdown record or the passer rating record. Some of these are held by a guy you wouldn’t expect – Jake Plummer, not John Elway.

3. The Bottom of the AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs

The Raiders offensive line is the real question mark of the team, and, at least in the preseason, it looked a bit improved. They still have one of the better defenses in the league, and if Daunte Culpepper can get protection they could even be dangerous. But, more than likely, they’ll still be awful on offense. I see them finishing around 7-9. The Chiefs, on the other hand, will have a horrible offensive line and quarterback situation. They’ll end up at the bottom of the West, and be lucky to get 5 wins.

4. Top 10 in League Ranks

The Broncos will have the #1 rush offense and a Top 5 offense in total yardage and in points scored. They’ll have a Top 15 rank in defensive yardage, and a Top 10 rank in points allowed.

5. Offensive Pro Bowls Aplenty

Last year the Broncos didn’t garner a single Pro Bowl on the offense. This year will be different – very different. First, Jay Cutler will be an alternate for the Pro Bowl, behind Manning, Brady and Palmer. Travis Henry will be the #2 behind Ladainian Tomlinson (yes, above Larry Johnson). Javon Walker will be an alternate for the wide receiver slot. And, this one I’m going out on a real limb and trusting what I’ve seen in preseason – right guard Montrae Holland, MY GUY, will start in the Pro Bowl. The latest depth chart doesn’t even show him starting, but neither did the one before Cleveland and he still got the nod. He may NEVER be listed as the starter at RG, but he will start anyway and continue to impress me. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Holland fares against real game action.

6. Dre Bly will lead the league in interceptions

Champ Bailey will make the Pro Bowl, but Dre Bly will lead the league in interceptions and make the Pro Bowl as well. Teams will target Bly more than any other #2 in the league this year, and Bly will get beat, to be sure. But he’ll beat them just as often. Can you say 20 interceptions between our two corners?

7. AFC West Champions via tiebreaker

Both the Chargers and Broncos will finish 12-4. They’ll both beat each other at home. They’ll both finish 5-1 in the division. But the Broncos will lose to an extra NFC team (yeah, hard to imagine against the NFC North – but we went 1-3 against the NFC West last year), which would leave us with the AFC West Crown.

8. Third seed in the AFC

Two teams in the AFC will finish with better records than the Broncos. I’m saving my complete breakdown of the playoffs and the season for later this week, but the Broncos will have one home game as the AFC West champs then will have to hit the road to win the Super Bowl. Unless, of course, the following takes place for the AFC Championship…

9. They’ll beat the Chargers in the AFC Championship Game

I was going to go through the entire playoff breakdown later this week, but consider this a preview – the Chargers will go on the road and win two games as the fifth seed (top Wild Card). The Broncos will win a game at home, then go to the #2 seed and win. The #1 and #4 will get knocked off by the Chargers and it will be an AFC West matchup in Denver for the Super Bowl. And the Broncos will take care of business.

[The Lombardi Trophy]

10. Super Bowl XLII Champions

Denver Broncos 31, Dallas Cowboys 20.

Have any other predictions worth noting? Add ’em here via the comments below. We’re a mere 5 days away from the 2007 kickoff – the Broncos have the potential to accomplish all of this en route to a third Super Bowl title.

  • PantyRaider

    Well….those are interesting pre-“Dick”-sions…..but I don’t think so….I see the “Donko”s are in big “Do-Do” on the “D”….and on the “O” youe “OL” -n- “QB” are suspect….but I wrote a song to sum up the season for you….so here goes….


    Have ya ever seen a donko playin “Donkey Kong”…..
    With a monkey on a ladder throwin donkey dung…..
    Have ya ever seen a donko with his head up an ass……
    Or an ass with a donko’s head stuck up…..
    He’s a long gone wit da “Mule Skinner Blues”…..Oh! Lard!

    Riddin cross da country on me damned old mule……
    He’s a Fartin and groanin as he dumped his stool…….
    He’s a Heein and a Hawin like old grey mare…..
    And a tryin to act like he got’s a pair…..
    He’s a dumb mule headed critter…..Oh! Lard!…..

    Well I went toward da river to a fetch my mule some water……..
    Cause he’s a gaspin and a gruntin and I don’t what’s da mater……
    But when I got to the river my damn dumb donko was dead……..
    So I throwed him at da river and da dog gone river run red….…..
    He’s a long gone got da “Mule Skinner Blues”……Oh! Lard!…..

    Well I had me a donko it could a been lame…..
    What ever was da matter it was acting insane……
    Well a man needs a donko that he can ride on…….
    But my riddin mule done dead and gone……
    Now he’s a long gone wit da dead stanky blues…..Just! Lard…..


  • hercules rockefeller

    Hey moron, your bus is leaving.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Yeah, I think there’s a padded cell somewhere missing it’s resident.

  • Jeremy

    Just ignore those people. There will always be more. Get used to it. They have nothing else to say.

  • denverocks

    Proof positive that you need a VERY low IQ to be a raider fan

  • KMA

    First off.. Panty Raider: very creative!
    I have to agree that these are pretty far fetched but KMonty did say BOLD.
    I do agree with the KC prediction, the Raiders are better than they are getting credit for and the Chiefs are worse than reported.
    I also believe that SD is not up to par with what they did last year. Norv is Norv, just ask Raider fan.
    As for placement in the standings the Broncs have a tough schedule to be sure, I see it playing out this way…..

    AFC West
    SD 12-4
    Den 10-6
    Oak 7-9
    KC 5-11

    Den final wild card (on the road) @ Indy
    Close game but similar result to what we always do in Indy, not able to keep up.
    we took a step back last year, so this would be a decent improvement
    However, we have a solid playoff base to build and get in the SB very soon, I predict we will have a championship in the next two to three years.
    Boy I just re-read what I wrote and I really hope Kmonty is right, mine is kind of depressing :)

  • kmonty

    KMA, you gotta get pumped man! Drink a Red Bull or something – if you’re not hopeful now, when are you going to be!


  • PantyRaider


    Very nice to see a fan who understands reality….No one stays on top forever….Sense Old #7 retired it’s been difficult for your team to get back to that high level….We have been in the Abyss for the past 4 seasons and finally look to come crawling out….But wih vengence….We have been kicked by everyone while down their and we want very badly to rise again to where we once were….”Tough Copitition”…..So now I am getting “PumpedUp” for the season and posting a little “HateMail” to our mose heated rival….The “Donko”s….See you next week in Denver…..

    By the way…I spent 5 years in the “LittleRockies” of Colorado….Beautiful State and alot of nice people but I just hate your football….

    PantyRaider…..”HateMail” is coming!!!!!

  • KMA

    Uh Oh, I’m getting props from Raider Nation, I have done something seriously wrong here!
    kmonty, no worries I am seriously pumped for Sunday, Unfortunately we’re not going to see the DEN BUF game here in Portland, (NE NYJ) instead. But I am pumped for the NFL Network highlights, and I am shopping the Sirius web site right now.
    I’m in big time this season and as you have read from me earlier, on paper this team has what it takes to get there and win, but I am trying to pad myself I live by cautious optimism and it has served me pretty well, BTW I am celebrating my 9th wedding anniversary today and those nine years included an AFC championship game 5 regular season games both in Denver and in west coast locations, and a week long trip to Ohio for the Elway HOF induction.
    I’d say she’s a pretty good sport!
    I’m keeping my predictions in tact for now, they seem to be working, and as for Panty Raider:Ill re post the last line of my previous reply…. “However, we have a solid playoff base to build and get in the SB very soon, I predict we will have a championship in the next two to three years.”
    Now I’m gonna go have that Red Bull and put on my Cutler Jersey and wish my wife a happy anniversary.

  • kmonty

    Happy anniversary.

  • PantyRaider


    I am also from the Pacific NW….Tacoma Wa….but Seattle did not have a team until I was 27 and there was no way I could become a “SeaChicken” fan after 15 years as a Raider Fan….and like you….as a Raiders Booster I have had several very memorable moments with my team and the players….

    The thing that makes a great rivalry is teams being competative….but as of late we have failed to hold up the compition….but I believe that is about to change next week when we meat again in “Mule High”….

    Enjoy your happiness….and I will continue the “Hate Mail” all week….PantyRaider….

  • KMA

    PR, keep up the hate mail!
    we’ll look forward to next week!!
    and thanks kmonty
    really enjoy this board!