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Published on 08/03/2007 at Fri Aug 03 10:22.
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News and notes from Training Camp:

  • After running some tests last night, I’m getting positive vibes from the news regarding the recent injury of Warrick Holdman. Anything to do with the head or neck or spinal cord is as serious as it comes, and while the news outlets haven’t gone and said, “He’ll be alright,”, a full recovery is expected for the veteran linebacker. He had some tests done, and barring further complications could be released today. We’re pulling for you, Warrick.
  • Several of our backup receivers have been looking really good, even with the injuries of Tony Scheffler, Brandon Marshall and Rod Smith. With second year wideout Domenik Hixon fighting through a shoulder injury, it seems that it’s time to be concerned about our receiver depth. Even deep backups Marquay McDaniel and Glenn Martinez are fighting through a sore hamstring and sore thigh respectively. Full Story. But I’m not concerned yet – honestly. I’ve been hearing such good things about Brandon Stokley that I’m confident he can make an impact if needed, and David Kircus is making all sorts of plays at practice. Hixon has been looking solid as well, and he’s fighting through his injury. If Rod ever finds his way back, this may be the deepest wide receiver unit the Broncos have seen in many, many years.

Dre Bly is getting heckled – and for the second time this week, a story I was working on gets written before I have the chance. He even got booed by a Broncos fan, according to the article. While fan reactions on the Net have been quick to take arms beside their newly acquired cornerback, I’m coming from a different point of view – I am repeatedly seeing reports of Dre Bly getting beat at camp. I mean, all the time. And it’s starting to really concern me.

  • Orange Mane: “Dre Bly was ok, but he did get beat by Walker deep.”
  • Mason’s Morsels: “Quincy Morgan dropped a pair of passes, but also had a pair of outstanding catches — one in seven-on-seven where he laid out for a grab despite tight coverage from Dre’ Bly …”
  • Mason’s Morsels (SAME POST): “David Kircus was on the receiving end of a deep pass up the left sideline from Patrick Ramsey in seven-on-seven work; Kircus worked past Bly to get open.
  • Mason’s Morsels: “David Kircus couldn’t quite haul in a pass up the left sideline, but did beat Bly for a reception after using contact to gain separation.”

But for all the bad, I do have to mention the good.

  • Mason’s Morsels: “Dré Bly, who finished the day with two picks and a fumble recovery, leads the defense with with four turnovers for camp so far …
  • Orange Mane: “The most impressive thing about Bly is that he is a leader on and off the field. He congratulates and supports his teammates and he plays full speed when he’s on the field. … Even when the completion is made, Bly does everything to make something positive happen on defense.

While all the big offensive plays going past Bly really worries me, I’m still feeling good about the big defensive plays he’s making in return. With a little more time, Bly could really excel in our system.

Today’s AFC West Watch in an hour or two.