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Published on 07/11/2007 at Wed Jul 11 22:44.
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[Marcus Thomas]

News out of Denver is that we’ve signed our controversial 4th round pick, defensive tackle Marcus Thomas. He is the first draft pick we’ve signed, and as per team policy, the terms of the deal were not disclosed. [UPDATE: According to the Post-Gazette, the deal will pay Thomas $3 million over four years.]

Of course this is great news for Broncos fans. One less thing to worry about as Holdout Season, ahem, Training Camp approaches. It just makes me wonder how many millions of dollars Thomas lost by breaking his curfew and smoking marijuana in college. But the Broncos picked him up in the 4th when he could have gone undrafted completely. If he stays clean, he could be a real steal that could be tough to re-sign in years to come.

Most fans know that, physically, Thomas can… but I’m sure the rookie 300-pounder is doing back flips right about now.