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Published on 07/27/2007 at Fri Jul 27 22:47.

[Terrell Davis]
No, Terrell, it’s we who should be saluting you. Photo Courtesy

A Mile High Salute to the man who invented it – Terrell Davis will be inducted into the Denver Broncos Ring of Fame on September 23. Holder of 12 team records, not to mention THE reason we finally won a Lombardi Trophy, Davis’ honor is well-deserved in his first year of eligibility. The ceremony will take place in Week 3, when the Broncos host the Jaguars and hold their annual Alumni Reunion/Ring of Fame weekend.

Andrew Mason,’s official head blogger, has posted his brief thoughts on the subject. But I really loved how he dug up the article he wrote in 2002 when Davis walked off the field the last time – as it still gives Broncos goosebumps this many years down the road, it’s one story you can truly call “timeless.” Here’s a caption:

But seeing Davis every morning also reminds me of the power and necessity of pressing onward through struggle. Most of us have to battle little ailments at times in order to muddle through the day — a chest cold, a swelling ankle, a headache induced by skipping the morning cup of coffee.

Davis did, too, on what turned out to be the pinnacle moment of his professional life. Migraine headaches have stopped many a person from performing at their best. A migraine turned Scottie Pippen, selected as one of the NBA’s 50 greatest players, from a 20-point scorer into a man who couldn’t even score a point in a season-ending loss.

It didn’t deter Davis. One-hundred and fifty-seven yards later, he’d earned MVP honors after carrying the Broncos to their first world championship. It was his shining moment, but it was also just another day at the office, a fourth consecutive 100-yard playoff game in a streak that would eventually extend to seven games, unmatched in NFL annals.

It really is remarkable, what Davis accomplished in those playoff games. It’s a testament to the drive of Davis, as well as the awesome firepower that can be displayed when an offense is completely in sync with one another.

I could go on forever about everything that Davis meant to the Broncos – without him, there’s no doubt we wouldn’t have been able to win either of those Super Bowls. I could wax poetic for hours on the great plays and dominance that he showed out on the field. Without #30, the Broncos would still be considered one of the biggest Super Bowl losers in history…

In celebration of Davis’ induction, BroncoTalk will feature the Top 10 Games in Davis’ Career, (in my humble opinion) on the Tuesday leading up to his Induction in September.

And on behalf of all the readers and Broncos fans everywhere, a Mile High Salute to our first Super Bowl MVP.

  • AndrewMason

    Glad you liked my little, long-ago attempt to wax poetic about a player for whom words really don’t do much justice. Keep up the good work … the more outstanding Broncos blogs there are, the better.

    Andrew Mason